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hi m8s... i see nice specs here so what u think of:

i know WG is good but going for Lunar Guindace is a bad choince?
tk u m8s.
Basically, yes. Going for Lunar Guidance is a bad choice. You get ~120 SP out of it (3-5% of your SP), but at the cost of Wild Growth (which often makes up 20%+ of our healing) as well as 2 points in GOTEM which we'll need even more in 3.3. Wild Growth will be even better with 2T10 bonus too.

This is the spec I will be going for with 3.3: http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?drui...u,L6XOHR,10952. Unfortunately I don't think I'll quite be haste capped when 3.3 comes out (I should have about 700 haste while keeping 4T9 bonus on release day), but I'll at least be close and hopefully the T10 level gear will help it along a bit.