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    LF Feedback on healing specs

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    Re: LF Feedback on healing specs

    It must be the most uber specs, since no MMO-geeks tried to be funny, commenting the specs.

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    Re: LF Feedback on healing specs

    For your Holy Spec, I don't think Holy Reach is very useful. I would dump one point instead into Desperate Prayer (since you need a low point and it gives extra survivability), and look at either Inner Focus or Healing Prayers if you could use more mana or Blessed Resilience if you would like more throughput. I would also consider dropping the Renew Glyph. I actually tend to use Renew more than most Holy Priests, but I found even still it wasn't helping very much. I'm currently experimenting with the Prayer of Healing glyph and, depending on how that goes, I may also try the Spirit of Redemption Glyph.

    For your Discipline spec, I would drop Improved Healing and Improved because, quite frankly, mana is just almost a non-issue, and it only helps with Penance (which is already cheap) and Greater Heal (which isn't used a whole lot), and Renew is pretty much useless for Discipline (Flash Heal will land faster for more and proc DA, and PWS is an alternative if you need an instant to cast on the move). I'd put those points in Rapture, Pain Suppression, and Focused Will. Capping off Rapture will likely make any potential mana loss from giving up Improved Healing unnoticeable. Pain Suppression is a nice utility to save a tank (assuming threat isn't a major issue. And, finally, Focused Will is 3% more Crit which is nice for getting more DA procs. As Discipline, even if you decide to keep Improved Renew, I would absolutely drop the Renew Glyph for the Penance one; there is just no comparing the two.

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    Re: LF Feedback on healing specs

    Quote Originally Posted by Excesso
    Here's my feedback based on experience as a discipline priest.

    In the holy tree:
    - Drop 5/5 Divine Fury. You'll not be casting GH enough to warrant it.
    - Put 2 pts into Healing Focus to qualify for third row talents.
    - Drop 3/3 Improved Healing. You're not casting many GH's, and Penance is cheap enough - 3 pts for additonal 15% isn't worth it.

    You now have 6 'surplus' points.

    In the disc tree:
    - Put 2 more points in to finish out 3/3 Rapture.
    - 1 point in Pain Suppression. Cornerstone talent for disc.
    - 3 points in Focused Will (this now increases spell crit).

    For glyphs, I'd recommend replacing Renew with Penance. Penance and Flash Heal are the two most valuable, whereas renew for disc is a pretty weak spell compared to the rest of our arsenal. I use PW: S for the third, though some might value PoH over it (or even Holy Nova, if healing a lot of 5-mans)

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    Re: LF Feedback on healing specs

    Thanks alot. Very usefull points

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