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    Pitbull Help

    Hi all,
    I have a problem with pitbull and wanted to ask help to all pitbull users. Is there an option to show the health of a vehicle or a mount?
    Is it even possible to show your dragon's health in occulus or malygos? I still can see my charac HP but not the dragon one and obviously, the second one is more important in that case.
    Is there anybody who could help me please?

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    Re: Pitbull Help

    Have you disabled the pet health bar?

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    Re: Pitbull Help

    As I don't have pets, it's possible.
    I'm gonna have a look at it tonight. Thanks

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    Re: Pitbull Help

    Pitbull3 shows your 'Vehicle' as 'Pet'. If you used Pitbull4, your Playerframe would become your VehicleFrame
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    Re: Pitbull Help

    Neza's right.

    In most UF addons, the Vehicle's information displays in the Pet UF. In Pitbull 4, it uses a swapstate... vehicle info shows in the Player UF.
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    Re: Pitbull Help

    Thanks for helping me. Unfortunately I didn't have time yesterday to test it.
    But I think I'm going to download and install pitbull 4. I like the idea of swapping health bar when you get into a vehicle or on a mount.

    Anyways, I'm gonna let you know, thanks to all of you

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    Re: Pitbull Help

    Hi all,
    Sorry for the delay and thanks for your help. I did show the pet's bar in the options and I had the health bar I wanted.
    Thank you again

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