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    Re: lol at chaos bolt

    Quote Originally Posted by idpersona
    Sorry guise,getting hit by a 10k crit,in 800+resilience gear,was not balanced.
    As Warlocks are intended to be FFA Honor without getting hurt, this is a big QQ for every warlock-facerolling-class. OMG i get hurt while 2 hitting him.
    [div class="blizzquotewrap"][div class="blizzquoteinner"][span class="corners-top"][span][/span][/span][div class="blizzquoteheader"][span]Quote from: Blizzard Staff[/span][/div][div class="blizzquote"]Warlock's survavibility wasn't really good at the start of Wrath of the Lich King, but they're in a pretty good place right now.[/div][span class="corners-bottom"][span][/span][/span][/div][/div]

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    Re: lol at chaos bolt

    Quote Originally Posted by rockmannx
    I'm sorry, explain to me where Warriors are doing that much instant damage from ONE ability when it matters?

    When it matters: IE, not a REAL execute (not SD execute) thats going to kill you anyways.

    The answer is none. That kind of burst is setup, Set-up, via Rend and waiting for a tick to come around. Charge-> MS crit -> OP -> ?...oh yeah, MS 5 seconds later. At best 7k damage against a high resil target.

    They already nerfed the charge part.

    Warrior damage is borderline, but it is NO where near the damage output of Rogues, Rets, or DKs. A warrior isn't going to two shot you when you have 60% health.
    Recklessness, switch stance, shield block shield slam for 12k

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