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    SPriest Keybinds

    Just wondering what some of the raiding Shadow Priests are using for keybinds for PVE. Coming from playing a long time tankadin making the change to a ranged DPS caster is a huge one.

    Currently I use a small assortment of key binds for my Shadow Priest when compared to the layout I used for my Tank. It might be the smaller need for actions in combat to be at fingers reach at all times but i just feel that perhaps I'm missing a few things and would like to get some input from people here that have been raiding on a SPriest longer than I have.

    Thanks for any input in advance guys

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    Re: SPriest Keybinds

    f1: SW:P / f2: SW / f3: DP / f4: Mind Sear / f5: Fear (When im pvp'ing)

    1: Mass Dispell / 2: MB / 3: MF / 4: VE / 5: VT

    Everything important is within a few cm's...
    But its differs a lot from player to player...
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    Re: SPriest Keybinds

    i got mine set up as follows:

    shfit 1: VT, 2: sielence, 3: VE, 4: PW:S, 6: Dispersian

    1: SW, 2: MF, 3: MS, 4: DP, 5: PH 6: fear

    And then on shift space bar i have shadow word pain

    I'm sure it won't make sense to most people, but i find it pretty easy to keep track of things from here :P
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    Re: SPriest Keybinds

    1 VT 2 MB 3 MF 4 DP 5 MS
    1 Dispell 2 VE 3 SW 4 SW:P
    Mouse 4
    Fear +Shift: Dispersion +Ctrl: Shadowfiend
    Mouse 5
    PW:S +Shift: Fade +Ctrl: UD racial

    anything else on some other keys but all in range of 1
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    Re: SPriest Keybinds

    Im just starting to get used to keybinds, used to play on a laptop that it was impossible to do with but..

    1. Vampiric Touch
    2. Mind Blast
    3. Mind Flay
    4. Devouring Plague
    5. Shadow Word Pain
    6. Shadow Word Death
    7. Vampiric Embrace
    A. Dispell
    D. Mind Sear
    F. Abolish Disease

    is what I got so far, working on finding something useful to keybind to Q E and S, also use Grid+Clique so don't really need Dispell or Abolish Disease Keybound, still working it out.

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    Re: SPriest Keybinds

    Lol, are you ready?

    1. MB
    2. FH
    3. GH
    4. MindSoothe
    Q. SW:P
    T. MF
    R. Renew
    F. PW:S
    G. Dispell
    V. PvP trinket (Cos ya know, sometimes you need to use it in pve :P
    C. Dispersion
    Z. VT
    E. VE
    Tab. Fear
    Ctrl+G. WoTF
    Ctrl+R. Holy Nova
    Ctrl+V. PoM
    Shift+E. Sw
    Shift+X. MindSeer
    Ctrl+F. Fearward
    Shift+1. Resurrection
    Shift+3. Cleanse Desiease
    Num1. Fortitue
    Num2. Shadow Resistance
    Num3. Spirit
    Num6. Rank 5 spirit
    NumEND. Raid/party wide Fort
    NumDownArrow. Raid/Party wide Shadow resistance
    NumPgnDn. Raid/Party Spirit
    MiddleButton(Mouse). Drink
    MouseButton3. Sw (nearest Target, for breaking Sleep CC in say CoS)
    MouseButton4. StopCasting
    Alt+S. Leviate
    Shift+4. MindVision
    Ctrl+E. MC
    `. DP
    F1. Target self
    F2. Target Party member 2/Target Focus, i change it depending on what i need it for.
    F4. Mount
    Shift+F4. Flying mount
    5. Fade
    Y. Innerfire
    Shift+F. Shackle
    X. ManaBurn
    Shift+T. HolyFire (Rarely used though >_>)
    Shirt+R. PoH
    Shift+2. BindingHeal
    Shift+C. ShadowFeind/Shadow Crawl
    Shift+T Hymn Of Hope
    Ctrl+1. Mana potion
    Ctrl+2. Health Potion
    Ctrl+3. Wild Magic Potion
    Ctrl+4 Potion Of Nightmares
    Ctrl+5 Healthstone
    Shift+Right Click. Wand
    Shift+Q. Mass Dispell
    Ctrl+B bandage

    Hmmm yea, i use just about all of those in PvE, not in 1 encounter sure. But i use them all. I have a few more but they're macro's :P

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    Re: SPriest Keybinds

    You don't wanna know all mine ^^

    Well, when I first started raiding I was really stupid, so I had my abilities spread out all over the keyboard. Now I have all useful spells bound so that I can reach them with my left hand while still being able to move around.
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    Re: SPriest Keybinds

    G: Land Mount
    Shift+G: Flying Mount

    Ctrl+E: OPie Ring (Fear Ward, Shadow Protection, Fortitude, Divine Spirit)
    Ctrl+T: OPie Ring (Group version of our buffs)
    Alt+E: OPie Ring: (Resurrection, Levitate)
    Alt+R: OPie Ring: (Shadow Form, Inner Fire, Dispersion, Wand)

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    Re: SPriest Keybinds

    1: vT/Flash Heal
    2: Dispel/Mindsear
    3: PW:Shield
    4: Abolish Disease/Devauring Plaque
    5: Mana Torrent(BE)
    M4: Mind Blast / Greater Heal
    M5: Mind Flay / Binding Heal
    Q: SW:P
    alt+Q: vE
    <: Fear
    F: Prayer of Mending / SW:"D"
    E:Renew / Silence
    Shift+2: Dispersion
    Shift+3: Mind control/Target Makro ///Depends in Fight; On thorim ive s3=MC & s4=/tar makro. On other fights i have /tar makro + Pots
    Shift+4: Pots (Wild Magic/Mana/Shadowprot etc) / Target Makro
    there are more but dont know right know(im on work ^^)

    P.S Nez: There is a Makro which uses always the Right Mount, if ure interested i can post it here :>

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    Re: SPriest Keybinds

    It's perfectly intended to have two keybinds for it. It goes back to the Shattrath times, and the macros for selecting the right mount often bugs out in certain area's of the game, such as Dalaran Sewers, or Wintergrasp.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lostprophet
    1: vT/Flash Heal
    2: Dispel/Mindsear
    Either your not posting your modifiers (in which case, it's the same as a direct keybinding), or you're saying you can't use Flash Heal, and Dispel while playing Shadow.

    Hopefully not the latter!

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    Re: SPriest Keybinds

    hehe, that macro wont bug there:>

    Iuse macros :>

    /cast [harm,nomod]Vampiric Touch
    /cast [help,nomod]Flash Heal
    /cast [mod:alt,target=player]Flash Heal

    and the rest are more or less the same..

    That macro is (imo) rly good but sometimes if I target a Friendly player instead of an Enemy,, i drop shadowform and heal him... but thats very rare :>

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    Re: SPriest Keybinds

    So you technically bound Alt+1 to Flash heal.

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    Re: SPriest Keybinds

    right :> but it heals only me

    Mount macro :

    /run if(not IsMounted())then if(((GetZoneText()=="Dalaran")and(GetSubZoneText()~="Krasus' Landing"))or(GetZoneText()=="Wintergrasp")or not IsFlyableArea()or IsModifierKeyDown())then CallCompanion("MOUNT",1)else CallCompanion("MOUNT",10)end end

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    Re: SPriest Keybinds

    Quote Originally Posted by Nezoia

    G: Land Mount
    Shift+G: Flying Mount

    Ctrl+E: OPie Ring (Fear Ward, Shadow Protection, Fortitude, Divine Spirit)
    Ctrl+T: OPie Ring (Group version of our buffs)
    Alt+E: OPie Ring: (Resurrection, Levitate)
    Alt+R: OPie Ring: (Shadow Form, Inner Fire, Dispersion, Wand)
    Why do you have spells you use once every 5 minutes and once per target per fight on 2 of your main buttons and VT on a shift modifier? Stuff like that confuses me...
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    Re: SPriest Keybinds

    I just made it today, and I just added all my key binds, mostly Shift + a number, like my racial is Shift + T for trinket.

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    Re: SPriest Keybinds

    So you can press 7,8,9,0 on your keyboard?

    Really, enable display of keybinding on all yours bars, take the screenshot, and just cut the important part out instead of showing your entire UI.

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    Re: SPriest Keybinds

    I found out how easy it is to make keybinds after I posted the Screen Shot. Bartender its simple.

    Don't really need much key binds for PvE though... all I really use is on my hot bar, besides wild magic potion, dispersion, and fade, which i've now made key bindings for. Now I need to memorize them.

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    Re: SPriest Keybinds

    Still working on it.


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