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    Re: Kel's Talent Suggestions: 61 points times THREE

    Quote Originally Posted by [-Spiritus-
    (1) Maybe another short CD spell?
    (2) A "burst healing" (1-2min)CD, like a Holy PI?
    (3) A "consecrate/D&D" type effect, either centered on the caster or target-able like D&D, that heals anyone standing in it for Xsec with an Ysec CD?
    (4) A summoned "Light Wisp" that throws a "Holy Bolt" (less powerful than FH) at the lowest raid member in range every Xsec for Ysec. Can be "sacrificed" for a "Light Nova" that hits everyone within Zyards for the same as its single target heal. (1-3min CD)?
    I've always liked something that creates 2 abilities, like "Prayer of Sacrifice", on a 3 second cast, sharing the bonuses of Serendipity, that casts a PoH on a group, but instead of healing that group it damages it. Prayer of Sacrifice tooltip, after you cast it transforms into "Dark Mending".
    You gain an "Empowered Mending" Buff that lasts for 30 seconds and allows you to use Dark Mending, wich is a PoH with no cast time and that heals 20% more.

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    Re: Kel's Talent Suggestions: 61 points times THREE

    Quote Originally Posted by Izenhart
    An holy talent giving bonuses to "all" HoTs on the target (so mostly druids, and you for 1 (one) spell, and increasing absorb effects by 5% (so giving a bonus to a Disc priest, not to yourself) ?
    Bonuses in 5's and 10's, and finally some form of synergy with other healers in 25's. Plus 3% miss chance on an MT is big on hard hitters, really the only time I could get a Scorpid Sting was on Brutallus, every other time hunters just laughed at me.

    A discipline talent giving a 60'000 absorb damage on a (talented) 3.1min CD, when a standard Death Knight tank Magic Shield, is absorbing only magic, for more or less 15'000 damage. Plus 0 costs of PW:S inside it.

    I...feel like someone here likes more Discipline.

    P.S Useless having the "cannot be protected again for 2 minutes" if it has a max talented CD of 3.10 minutes.
    Barrier's idea has been floating around for quite some time now, I just wanted to give it something a little more flavorful than a Prayer of Shielding idea (Party wide PW:S is pretty boring, and that's probably going to be their implementation). And realistically, having it track damage before other damage absorption effects keeps it a bit balanced, and the cooldown is to prevent multiple Priests from just popping one after another to "lolwut" any raid damage for however long. And not having the bonus effects of Shields is a conscious decision that has to be made when using it. Will you be needing to burst heal-while shielding? A 0-mana shield won't trigger Borrowed Time, or Rapture. And Holy priests hiding in won't get to scoot their targets in faster with Body&Soul.

    The shadow one seems good.
    Really? Everyone else thinks the shadow one is pretty OP. I would've put it at like a 15% chance on being hit to knockback, with a 6 second internal cooldown (multiple targets beating on you, you'll only ever lose one tops). The whole spell itself has a 45 second cooldown too, and drops Inner Fire to be active. Choose between armor or distance. At least, that's how I look at it.
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    Re: Kel's Talent Suggestions: 61 points times THREE

    I see the 61 talent point you offered to the holy tree fiting perfectly as a Discipline talent: buffing everyone including himself that heals the tank, and allowing more mitigation on the tank). I think Power Word: Barrier can be fit in "on the way" to the new 61 talent point, as a talent that requires 3 points, each point increasing the amount power word: barrier absords acording to spell power (like shield). I would like it to not be like the anti-magic shell (area that you can step in or out of it). I was liking this idea i read afew months ago: Places a barrier between your raid and party member to the enemy player, that absords the next Xx % of damage (based on spellpower, adding more point will increase the amount absorded). 3 min CD. This was offered on the European forums afew months ago, i liked it alot.

    For the Holy tree i'd like to see something abit more Healy, and less "mitigationing". was thinking of your idea but changing it abit: Holy Radiance - infuses your target with holy radiance, your direct heal's will grant this target a heal over time efffect that will heal for 25% of the amount healed (was thinking of making this stackable), in addition direct heals that heal this target to full hp will grant you 2% of your total mana, 10 min duration.
    Yes this is overpower, though this is more of what i'd like to see as a holy, if i'm not going to get another raid healing tool (which i don't feel like an additional raid healing tool is something i need, not like "circle of renewal" would ever happen), then the tank healing tool i'd like to get is something more or less like this, a buff, that allows me as full holy to heal him - returns mana and allows my direct huge heals to leave a hot.

    I did like the idea of the shadow 61 points. Though i can't see it relating to pve, knockback in raids is a big nono here.

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    Re: Kel's Talent Suggestions: 61 points times THREE

    I like the PW:Barrier idea for the 61 point talent. It's the perfect place to put that sort of promised ability and, I think it adds an interesting mechanic. Another implementation I could see (and probably more likely, knowing them) would be a CoH type AOE shield that would essentially put a PWS on, say, the 5 lowest health players within 15 yards of the target; that would be useful for mitigating some of the extra damage that melee tends to take.

    I think the Shadow Guard idea for Shadow is workable with some tweaks to balance it. Another idea might be making the Shadowfiend a permanent pet by removing the mana restoration ability but removing the duration then balancing the damage of it accordingly. If they did the latter, they should still leave the cooldown on it to keep it from being instantly summoned back in BGs if someone kills it

    For Holy, I'm not a big fan of the idea presented. Yes, it would have some nice synergy, but you'd only need one Holy Priest to pick it up, and he'd presumably be sacrificing some of his own throughput or regen to do so; I didn't like the whole IDS and CoH build concept from BC, and I don't think Blizzard wants to return to that either. I'd like to see a 61 point talent that's more interesting. I think using the 61-point talent to extend the Hymn idea could be interesting, maybe one that reduces all damage to friendly targets within a 40 yards by X% for 8s while being channeled; and to make it useful for PVP maybe make it so the Priest channelling it is either immune to damage, gets a high damage reduction, or at least make it uninteruptable. This would also allow them to make some filler talents to improve the Hymns deep in Holy that would reduce their cooldowns or maybe increase their effect.

    If they'd rather give Holy a bit more tank healing ability, a simple, although boring, way of doing it would just be to give us an ability that is undispellable that can be placed only on one target at a time that would increase the effect of the healing on that target. If they want to make it more interesting, especially since Blizzard has expressed that they don't like the Greater Heal has fallen out of favor, maybe they could make it instead so that direct heals on that target with that buff would have increased Haste or reduced mana cost. Either way, the benefit of this sort of 61-point talent is that it wouldn't expand our toolbox with yet another cooldown.

    FWIW, I also agree that if they want people to use Lightwell, it needs to be trainable. They can put some talents in Holy to improve it, and probably put some sort of cooldown effect on the target to keep them from using it repeatedly, but I think that could also help with giving Discipline some sort of raid healing ability.

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    Re: Kel's Talent Suggestions: 61 points times THREE

    Give us Holyform already!

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    Re: Kel's Talent Suggestions: 61 points times THREE

    Quote Originally Posted by Doylez
    Give us Holyform already!
    You know, it would look cool, but in the end, it's actually a bad thing. In order to make it useful, it would have to give us Haste or Crit or Regen or heal for more... something that would make us depend on using it, but we'd have to give up our ability to use Shadow spells, several of which are useful in raids (Fade, Shadowfiend, SWP, DP, SWD). They could maybe allow us to use some of them like they allow Shadow Priests to dispel and PWS in Shadowform. However, in the end, we're better off just getting that same regen or throughput or whatever through a talent that doesn't limit us. If you still think it's a good idea, ask a Druid how much they like having to be in Tree form to be effective as a healer when Priests, Shamans, and Paladins don't.

    OTOH, I could see that sort of thing being useful maybe for PVP, to give some damage reduction or for a Smite-centric damage build, but still, it would be worthless to most PVE Holy Priests, it would basically just be a Holy version of Shadowform, and Blizzard has already said they want Shadow to be our damage tree and they don't want to implement Holy Form.

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    Re: Kel's Talent Suggestions: 61 points times THREE

    The problem with "omg Holyform!" is that suddenly a Holy Priest is balanced around it. If it gave us more regen, our regen in general would be nerfed without Holyform, just to keep us here. Same goes for increased healing/haste/crit/sp, whatever. "Typically" we don't use shadow spells, but inbetween raid-damage spikes, I do try to put up a Plague and Pain to add a little DPS to a boss. Not my job? I dunno, my job's keeping people alive and if the boss dies like 15 seconds sooner, that could mean an enrage beaten or just one less person dying to random raid damage.

    I, for one, am completely against a Holyform.
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    Re: Kel's Talent Suggestions: 61 points times THREE

    I personally like the concept of a "Disc 61" point talent built around the concept of Absolution that someone mentioned earlier. Absolution by its very nature is the forgiveness of sin, and it could be something like this:

    Absolution - Discipline 61 points
    Cooldown: 3 minutes (reduced by a talent)
    <some mana cost>

    Surround your target with an aura of Absolution. For the next 20s, any harmful effect against the target will be burned away by divine power. Any time a foe strikes the Absolved during that time it will purge 1 beneficial effect from that target. In addition, any Power Word: Shield applied to the target during this time has it's strength increased by 10% (possibly modified by talents).


    Divine Censure - Discipline 61 points
    Cooldown: 2 minutes
    <some mana cost>

    You strike your target with a holy edict that weakens them. The censure does 1100 holy damage over the next 18s to the target and weakens it. FOr the duration of the censure, the target's attack speed and damage are both reduced by 6%.

    Both are in line with the disc priest's buffing the single target, dispelling. It also adds a special "dot" to disc that on a 2 min cooldown would debuff a mob's attack and damage for a short duration 18s. Kind of like a Shadow Word for the discipline tree.

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