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    Re: Faction champions ???

    We had a hell of a time with this last night.
    Group comp was:

    Resto Druid
    Holy Priest
    Enh Shammy
    Arms warrior

    We tried Banishing the tree/nuking the priest, but it seemed like they all had a hardon for our lock. We couldn't keep her alive long enough to sustain CC. I spent my entire time (while the druid was up) purging HoT's. Between that and 10K arcane blasts from the mage, we couldn't get more than 2 of them down. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    just go to my video on youtube its a quick run down guide on how to do it, no fake female voice overs or advertisements just straight up disco music and pure pwnage

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    This is an annoying fight. We have a pure PvE guild, some people never PvP'ed. We're not getting anywhere, whatever we try and get down, they heal it up. This is HC btw, got resto druid, holy priest, resto shaman, a shadow priest and a paladin that helps healing too. If we try to focus cc, the people doing that gets nuked down by the DK/rogue.

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    If you think this is a faceroll fight you're completely wrong. This will take a few wipes to get down. In terms of difficulty, this is the first Trial fight that actually exceeds Ulduar difficulty. Yes it's normal and doable, but this fight will take a lot more coordination and learning unlike the previous 2 fights.

    I personally loved this fight and enjoyed the challenge it brought. I definitely look forward to the heroic version of this.

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    Is this taking long for everyone ? 25man we 1shot but it took 12min other guilds on ouur server are reporting 13-15min kills?

    btw some pointers ,
    if everyone stands on the opposite side and u wait about 5-10sec you can go in and sap them, we took 4 rogues with us.
    Don't bring any tanks, we took all dps and I was the lone tank in cat gear cyclone spamming healers
    we always start with the rogue , then warrior then other dps.
    ms debuff, if you dont have it you wont win.
    Heroism and cooldowns at the start pretty much on pull. ( you will get a 2nd hero with 1-4 left up)

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    My guild is getting nowhere in this fight. We are a pretty good PvE guild, but we have many people who don't have an idea about Arena PvP at all, me being one of them. This fight uses pure PvP mechanics, and as a person who is not interested in the Arena at all i fail at it as well as a fair majority of my comrades.

    We tried everything written on the internet, our best achievement was to get down the healer priest and the druid, with our last member alive doing the finishing move. If it keeps like this i'll be completely blocked towards the rest of the raiding achievements, and i will have nothing else to do in this game just because i can't do Arena PvP.

    Sad face

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    Quote Originally Posted by muwatallis
    My guild is getting nowhere in this fight. We are a pretty good PvE guild, but we have many people who don't have an idea about Arena PvP at all, me being one of them. This fight uses pure PvP mechanics, and as a person who is not interested in the Arena at all i fail at it as well as a fair majority of my comrades.

    We tried everything written on the internet, our best achievement was to get down the healer priest and the druid, with our last member alive doing the finishing move. If it keeps like this i'll be completely blocked towards the rest of the raiding achievements, and i will have nothing else to do in this game just because i can't do Arena PvP.

    Sad face
    Kill the priest, keep the druid banished, kill the rogue, THEN the druid. Then its piss from there. :P

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    Well, it seemed hard at first, however when we killed them 2nd attempt it looked much easier. How we did it was to get priest, shaman and 3rd healer down. Root / cyclone warrior and DK, try to CC some others (e.g. mages/locks communicate on rotations due to diminishing returns).

    Focusfire on 1st mob (priest) and keep mortal-strike on it all the time. Use heroism on 1st add. Once you get the healers, keep on going one by one on adds. Don't use AOE, they have a debuff to lessen its damage. Be careful for them breaking some CC (e.g. warriors cannot be feared, they will pop berserker rage).

    Good luck, definately more fun than others in Colisseum.

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    the only thing that amazes me is how are people still playing this game after seeing 3.0 and 3.2, not this encounter.

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    We had best results when all the CC-Classes just kept CC'ing a different target (DR) each 8 seconds.
    Sha of *Gay* Pride!

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    We had some good luck on this. i think it helped that we did 2 10 mans the first night and when we did 25 we one shot it. the 10 mans it took us 4 tries and the other group a few more (i would say 8). alot of it is luck on what you get. I think we had Resto druid and shammy and disp priest healers and then Warrior, DK, Rouge, Hunter, spreist, Ret Pally to round out the party. We took the healers out first Disp priest first then druid then shammy. We lost one of our 2 locks early then the other one was dead shoartly after the druid was down. From there i think the rouge was going for healers but we were at about 20 or 25 when it was over. If you are having real issues on 25 man take a shot at it at 10 man and work out issues there. We had some people do a more pvpish spec for this fight. I made a new set of key bindings for this. PvP trinket is a must. if your pvp gloves give a good bonus use them. As a spreist i had a -3 sec on Psychic Scream CD so that was worth it. With the trinket+PW:S, dispersion, and psychic scream they were my get away cards. VE useless as they were immune.

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    We one-shotted the encounter 25-man today after some minor problems in 10-man yesterday. The fight is pure chaos, which is quite enjoyable. What really helped was building a healer camp that was "protected" by our tanks, which taunted and/or cc'd the mobs that went after our healers.
    We burned the druid and the holypriest with heroism first, shaman and rogue after. A dedicated totemstomper is really helpful as long as the shaman lives. We lost about 10 people in the whole fight (mostly cloth-wearers) which pretty much seems to be intended to me (can surely be improved though). Hunters are great in this encounter, at least in our raid they dominated damage done by a huge margin.

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    Done this encounter now 5 or 6 times, both 10 + 25 (main + alts) and all I can say is we've never had a problem with this fight.
    1st time round in 10 man we 1 shotted it followed by a 2 shot in 25 the same night.
    The most important thing about this fight imo is communication, people need to make others aware of CCed targets, CC breaks and incoming threats, where they are and who's in danger - letting others know when to leg it will save a lot of NPC assist train / unlucky positioning deaths.

    A few notes on individual NPC's from our experience starting with healers:

    Shammy: Our target of choice at the start as both his heals and healing stream totems can push out a lot of healing, lock him down and blow him up, have 1 person stomp the totems as a matter of priority and blow your CD's, get him down fast.
    As an added note be ready to mass dispel Heroism here if it's popped !!!

    Priest: We like to sap this guy at the start if possible to get a sheep on him and it is generally our 2nd target of choice due to both healing and dispelling capacity, a reliable interrupt class can seriously reduce this guys effectiveness and 2 can totally lock him down.

    Pally: Nothing too exciting about this guy, interrupt where you can and be ready for the bubble it can be used on both himself and other NPC's. Mind numbing / curse of tongues and similar effects trivialise dealing with the heals he puts out.

    Tree: Banish / fear are definitely of great use here, we generally kill the tree last of the healers. Again depending on your group set up a reliable interrupter can seriously hamper the tree's effectiveness. Cleansing any HoT's that make through it is also very important.
    As an added note be ready for a battle rez !!! it can and should be interrupted.


    Hunter - In all honesty ignore him, in my experience the hunter and his pet, while admittedly irritating, don't pose much of a threat and can generally be left to it's own devices and be picked off last.

    Lok - All I can say is stick a rogue on this guy and he becomes a non-issue, between interrupts, stuns and if needed blind 1 rogue can completely negate this guy as a threat. The pet can be a pain for healers and should be a valid target for your CC classes but doesn't pose a real threat, more of an irritation.

    Spriest - This guy is a real pain in the ass and can put out significant damage as well as handing out some nasty fear chains and dispels. Again sticking a rogue or some other reliable interrupt class on this guy can pretty much take him out of the game. Generally we would kill this guy as soon as the other melee NPC's have been dealt with (but before the Enh shammy)

    Boomkin: Nothing particularly nasty or dangerous about this guy, can be safely left to the end. Cyclone can be irritating but seems to have a fairly short duration.
    On a side note never seen this guy use battle rez but wouldn't like to say it can't happen.

    Enh Shammy: Totem stomp at every opportunity. Can hit fairly hard but definitely the least dangerous of the melee classes.

    Mage: Irritating, pure and simple and hurts too. High priority to be CCed as and when possible, silence / fear chains are very effective against this guy.

    Ret: Just like in PVP this guy has the annoying habit of bravely attacking any clothie he can get his hands on, other Palladins are massively effective in keeping this guy under control and a prot pally / Ret combo can effectively stun lock this guy for long periods of time. Can and will heal if required, another top CC priority.

    Warrior: Bladestorm can put a massive hurt on your raid and you should definitely try to keep this guy away from your raid at all times, DK's, droods (feral + balance) are very effective in dragging this guy away and keeping him rooted, stunned etc and a warrior tank can also taunt /disarm / stun kite him to great success.

    DK: Similar to the warrior can pose a big threat to your raid, if handled right this guy can and should be isolated from the rest of the raid and taunt kited as much as possible. Watch out for his DG as he has an annoying habit of grabbing healers from clean across the room.

    Rogue: No 1 on the hit list after the healers (and tbh a very valid target after 2 healers are dead) this guy is a pain and can really hurt you. No 1 on the CC list until you get the healers down then you should go all out and take him down, stay spread out and keep him off your healers, DK's, hunter pets(with taunt), Rets and other rogues are very good at peeling this guy of your healers / clothies - disarm is your friend abuse it !!!

    We seemed to arrive at a decent tactic very early and it's worked every time for us regardless of the set-up.

    At the initial pull have DK(s) DG pull the most dangerous mob(s) to the far side of the room (usually the DK, Rogue or warrior) and keep them there as much as possible, good communication here is the key, if they break free let the raid know and have another "Tank" or CC ready to stop them in their tracks.
    A good DK (or 2) can keep these dangerous mobs pretty much out of the fight, stick a tree on them for added roots / cyclone CC and your laughing. (if you don't have a DK then you can have some tanking class pick the mob up after the initial fear bomb, bears and prot pallies are very good at this as they have a variety of stuns and snares along with being able to break there own CC)
    Although these mobs can't be "tanked" as such liberal use of taunts / snares can and will keep these guys occupied for a long time. Obviously DR will start to take effect as the fight goes on so have the people handling these mobs ready to switch mobs as and when required.
    On a side note pets with a taunt ability are very effective here and I've seen hunter pets keep NPC's busy all by themselves.

    While this is going on the rest of the raid charges in and fear bombs the pack repeatedly, using consecutive fear bombs gives you a large window of opportunity to CC your chosen mobs (ie banish the tree, sheep the mage) and allows your dps to all out zerg your chosen healer. Throw everything you have (kitchen sink?) at the healer and as long as your dps are awake you can blow it up before the rest of the pack has much time to react.

    Switch to the second healer and keep burning, have CC on a free for all basis and just have people CC what they can when they can, be prepared for CC to break (a lot) and make sure people know which are the important targets for CC.

    Have a dedicated totem stompers - especially for the tremor and healing stream totems as they can be a pain in the ass.

    Dispel/purge and cleanse aggressively and spread your interrupters about as much as possible and you can drop the 2nd healer without much of an issue.

    From then on you should be well ahead with the vast majority of your raid alive (clothies can and do unfortunately get insta gibbed by some unlucky NPC assist trains), you should now have knocked out 60% of their healing capacity and can consider using any battle rez's you have

    It's your choice now to either blow the last healer up or start picking of their top damage dealers. Depending on the set-up you have both are valid options and we've used both tactics to great success.

    Most importantly be aware of your surroundings and where the NPC's are in relation to you, keep moving and watch your range in regard to your healers. Watch each others backs and don't let people get abused without helping.

    Sorry for the wall of text ;D

    Edit: because my grammar and spelling are s**t

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