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    Re: Ret hate.


    "I obviously didn't roll a Ret Paladin because of all the respect they receive from the community."
    I quit the game, and this happens:
    "You can now mount while under the skeleton effect of the Noggenfogger Elixir!"
    Are you effing kidding me?!?!
    Remember 3.0.......

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    Re: Ret hate.

    Quote Originally Posted by mmoer
    Maybe it is because almost everyone plays or has a paladin.
    And they wanna see more druids and rogues and so on
    and that is it.
    And almost no one has a DK right? And yet, pallys are hated more than the DK populace. Go figure.

    The only time I hate a ret pally is when one catches me in wintergrasp in my PvE gear ;D
    Quote Originally Posted by Sengura
    So 10 posts and no definitive answer...

    Quote Originally Posted by PBitt View Post
    People really will find anything to complain about. Too bad I don't care because I quit the game because they made the hunter class color lime green and I think it would be SO much better had it been a grass-colored green.

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    Re: Ret hate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nd
    Is it really that hard to figure out the source of ret hate? Really?
    Here's a clue:

    Notice the massive population explosion at the start of WoTLK ? Yeah, definitely no FOTM rerollers right? Paladins are now the most played class.
    That graph is mis-leading.... We aren't the PINK line but the BLUE line!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Nihilistic
    I was sitting in that audience as well, and I'm not exactly certain what you heard, but I know what I heard:

    "When are you going to give Mortal Strike debuffs to everyone, 'cause you're doing that right now."

    Yes, it was a failed sarcastic attempt at asking "When will Paladin also get this with everyone else" I can concede to that. Your argument however is falling into semantics.

    On a more personal note, I groaned myself when I heard that question. I knew the moment he said "I play a Ret Paladin" that people in the audience were going to shut their reasonable thought processes off right then and there.

    What he said, is what is typed above. A valid question tainted by failure at sarcasm. Leave it at that.
    Also before he said that, I believe he stated that he played a Ret Paladin first, then said what you quoted. So, poor context clues leads to ---------> Him asking if Rets get an MS effect.

    Its the same as saying Bill Clinton is a Communist because Communists enforce Gun Control laws.

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    Re: Ret hate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Masamichi
    Nice spin. But, no. Context is that he wanted to know when pallies were getting MS for ret. QED.

    YOU may know that ret isn't ever getting MS, but if he wanted to be taken seriously, he should have asked when "Everyone who doesn't have one," will get it.

    Edit: And I guess posters like this guy (above, registered just to try and spin) don't help my view on pallies.
    Quote Originally Posted by Masamichi
    No ... I was there. He asked, "When are paladins getting their own MS?"
    Stop lying just to make a point.

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