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    Fetish Of Volatile Power.

    As a shadowpriest, is the Fetish Of Volatile Power even worth using?

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    Re: Fetish Of Volatile Power.

    frankly im not sure it's particularly worth using for anyone...

    it's probably on par/slightly ahead of the badge trinkets. get scale of fates ^^

    gief reign of the dead/unliving though!

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    Re: Fetish Of Volatile Power.

    I thought reign didn't work with periodic dot crits? Not sure if it works for MF either. Need confirmation on that.
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    Re: Fetish Of Volatile Power.

    i still think broodmother + illustration is nice combo, less mebbe u bag urself the 258 reign of unliving, but it's still not been number crunched properly so dunno really. its wot 158sp at ilvl258 and broodmother is 87 crit and 125 sp so its close anyways and with all the haste we are gaining in t9 loot + toc stuff its nice ot hold onto some crit.

    added, mixed up scale of fates with flare of heavens

    flare + illustration ftw

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    Re: Fetish Of Volatile Power.

    The Fetish is absolutely horrible. Even the 245 version is worse than the Sundial.

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    Re: Fetish Of Volatile Power.

    Tell me if im being a noob .... i play mutilate on my rogue. the fetish could be fairly nice for me if it procs of poisons

    Drop Trinket
    5pt envenom
    Potion of speed....

    potentiality silly haist stack

    now poison counts as nature damage spells like

    Entangling Roots
    Insect Swarm

    My question is will instant poison trigger the stacks?

    Thanks alot


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    Re: Fetish Of Volatile Power.

    This is the priest forum, we don't like rogues here!

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    Re: Fetish Of Volatile Power.

    I reach 5k posts before Nezoia.
    This is now poll thread.


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