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    Destro reforging

    This is my first post so just want to apologize ahead of time if this is in the wrong area.

    Moving on, I play a destro lock use the spec for pretty much everything and while I don't consider myself a hardcore raider I am always on the lookout for ways to increase my dps and to try to make myself a better raider overall. Until very recently I thought that the general reforging for destro was

    hit> mastery>crit>haste

    and as such forged my gear to fit that but then I did an LFR, I have a gear level of 491 which I thought was fairly decent, in that LFR I came across a destro lock that was literally just getting into terrace by the skin of his ilvl arse he wasn't beating me in dps but he was very close to matching it and it took me awhile to realize that he forged his gear to focus mostly on mastery.. ie.

    mastery>crit>hit>haste (as far as I could tell)

    So this sent me into a flurry of research and has since left me confused because this goes against what I thought was "right", so what is best for destro locks when it comes to reforging?

    I was under the impression that reforging out of hit cap would leave you with a chance to miss on a chaos bolt for example which could be a potentially painful dps loss... so how do you make up for it if the second form of reforging is in fact more desirable for destro locks?

    Thanks for your time and replies!

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    There are too many variables to determine why the other lock is performing close to your dps with worse ilvl.
    But you are correct, for destro and demo, misses can hurt a lot and hit capping is necessary.

    Not hit capping in LFR is ok because no one is watching and a missed spell won't make your group fail the encounter. And having some luck with low hit will give your better dps than someone hit capped (all else being equal).

    In a competitive raid environment, a miss could = you not doing your assigned job = a wipe and therefore won't be tolerated.
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    First of all, go for hit cap. Then, if you are using GoSac go for Mastery and completely ignore haste and make it as low as possible.
    If you are going with GoSup go for as much haste as possible to give as much damage as you can to your minion.

    With that said, the secondary stats for Destruction isn't all that different DPS wise, you could go for whatever you want and perform quite the same.

    I usually go with GoSup and am going for full Mastery anyway, then Crit and as low haste as possible. Just because I find Mastery more fun than both Crit and Haste, works out great.

    The reason he might have had pretty much the same DPS as you with lower ilvl might be becuase he managed to Havoc and Shadowburn more, or played with Rain of Fire alot more etc etc.

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    We were both using GrimSac and according to my recount he didn't do anything much different from me besides have to cast his spells more often which I think is as a result of his hit not being capped. No RoF casts and it looks like he forgot to cast SB

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    Maybe you missed a good couple of GCDs and he didn't miss as many?

    It might just be that his trinkets and CDs alligned much smoother and better for him than you, in that case it's just poor RNG for you. :-(

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    On a similar topic I have just seen a destro lock gem pure mastery or int/mastery gems but never pure intellect, is this normal? I've always gone pure int unless I needed to match the socket bonus
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    Last time I simed my char at around 495 ilvl or so, 1 int was worth 4.03 and 2 mastery was worth around 3.66. So for me that would be a slight loss looking at it completely theoreticaly.

    I also belive that now, at 501 ilvl, intellect is worth alot and should be picked as much as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemie View Post

    I also belive that now, at 501 ilvl, intellect is worth alot and should be picked as much as possible.
    haste as well... once u get to around 500 ilvl haste is up there with mastery

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