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    Leveling: Rogue BoA Gear

    Let me preface this by saying I did a search for leveling a rogue with boa gear but didn't get any immediate hits. Sorry if this has been asked already - I appreciate your time.

    I am looking to level a rogue - the shoulders and chest are a given for the XP boosts - but what about the weapons? I find it odd that rogues have SO MANY options, when many of the other classes have 1 or 0... it's kind of overwhelming.

    The general understanding I have is that I'll want a slow main hand for heavy sinister strikes, and at later levels (30+) a fast offhand for poison application and other talents that benefit (Hack & Slash?).

    There are a range of options available to me as a rogue...

    a 2.8 speed, main hand only sword - http://www.wowhead.com/?item=42945
    a 2.4 speed, one handed sword - http://www.wowhead.com/?item=44096
    a 2.8 speed, one handed mace - http://www.wowhead.com/?item=48716
    a 1.7 speed, one handed dagger - http://www.wowhead.com/?item=42944
    a 1.5 speed, one handed dagger - http://www.wowhead.com/?item=44091

    What are your thoughts on the best way to level? I understand that this is kind of subjective and depends greatly on the build I plan to level with... I've tried a rogue as subtlety and enjoyed that, but I hear that Combat is the most effective way to level. Your input is greatly appreciated .

    Any tips to spec are welcome. I've been looking @ http://shadowpanther.net/leveling.htm for tips and reading up on Jame's leveling guides as well - albeit briefly.

    Also, what enchants should I aim for? I always thought I should do Crusader but have been reading about Fiery lately and am unclear which is the community favorite.

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    Re: Leveling: Rogue BoA Gear

    swords aren't a bad way to go, or you could do what my rogue did if you have the badges to do so. I got both swords and both daggers. You can swap out later at a higher lvl if you would like to go mutilate.

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    Re: Leveling: Rogue BoA Gear

    Kindof piggy backing on this question becuase i had another topic posted that didn't quite get answered but along the same lines...

    I have the same thing as Deaths where I have both of the swords and enough emblems/shards to get both of the daggers and am leveling through the battle grounds instead of PVE. I have been using the shadowpanther website as a rescource as well and everything in there shows that for PVP it is better to have a fast OH. Im lvl 23 and specced for combat. Is it better to stick with swords for hack n slash or is it viable to go sword MH and Scarlet Kris OH for poison proc's? I plan on going daggers for mutilate in the 50's but was wondering if the dagger OH is viable for lower levels?

    Armory link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...&n=Crushgroove

    Thank you

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    Re: Leveling: Rogue BoA Gear

    I think the best thing you can do is spec combat regulary with sword spec, but for offhand, take the 1.5 dagger because with a fast weapon, the 15-energy proc proccs much more often and it doesnt really matter with sword spec proccs with offhand.

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    Re: Leveling: Rogue BoA Gear

    go for the 2.4 sword for mh cause the extra swing proc and the 1.7 dagger because of the hit rating.

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    Re: Leveling: Rogue BoA Gear

    Quote Originally Posted by Krid
    go for the 2.4 sword for mh cause the extra swing proc and the 1.7 dagger because of the hit rating.
    the extra swing doesnt bring the damage back you lose by chosing a lower-max dmg weapon.

    alot of combat talents do their damage based on weapon damage

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    Re: Leveling: Rogue BoA Gear

    If you are swords, you get that extra weapon swing from the talent, which will also proc the other extra weapon swing. Jussayin.

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    Re: Leveling: Rogue BoA Gear

    Remember that the bonus for using a fast offhand comes from a talent. Until you get Combat Potency, using slow/slow with Wound/Wound is actually reaaaaaally good dps.

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    Re: Leveling: Rogue BoA Gear

    Quote Originally Posted by Rawrdoxe
    I do believe that using the two swords are the best choice since they are the best weapon combo to use while leveling as combat.

    2.8 in mainhand and 2.4 in offhand

    and if you have the heirlooms already or just have a lot of emblems to spend then getting the daggers at 50~60+ and spec Mutilate which is almost as good as combat. You kill faster but have more downtime and no AoE abilities at all but you get that "rogue" feeling about it (mostly personal opinion on what you want to do)

    If you have one of the daggers then they would be alright to use as a offhand but the sword will still outperform them.
    Fiery the first levels and then switch to Crusader but get 15 agility once you hit 60+

    Have a nice day,

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