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    Disc Arena Gear Help/Check

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if someone could check out my armory and give me some feedback on gear, what to replace, what to get nex etc.


    I think my spellpower is a little low, but at the moment im gemming for stam & resil, to help out on the burst teams.
    Am i doing the right thing?

    I have 15 WG marks, will have about 600 arena points tuesday, and am grinding honor in av this weekend to buy the current non set epics..

    Any advice would be great


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    Re: Disc Arena Gear Help/Check

    "Profile Unavailable"

    Some error with the link, or something's up with armory?
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    Re: Disc Arena Gear Help/Check

    bumping thread.. Fixed Armory link.



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    Re: Disc Arena Gear Help/Check

    The frost savage set is horrible, but I understand why you have it. As soon as you get deadly or better to replace it, you will feel far more comfterable and have much more spellpower.

    The only comment I can realy make (becuase I think your doing everything as good as you can without the PvP epics) is about the lightweave thread on your back. While it is a nice enchant, I personally wouldnt use it. Odds are it may proc when your not healing hard and get wasted becuase I belive it has an internal cooldown on the proc. I would say that you should use shadow weave for the 300 mana back. The extra mana realy adds up and lead to more heals.

    And I do not know if you looked at this already but http://www.mmo-champion.com/class-priest/(priest)-guide-starting-to-play-disc-in-arena/
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    Re: Disc Arena Gear Help/Check

    Farm ur offsets, it aint hard, get ur neck and rings big upgrade, furious will do. gemming is fine until u get better gear then stack more SP and drop the 40 stam off bracers for SP. If ur having trouble with survivability id recommend gettinthe gladiator head glyph from Valiance keep off the quartamaster chick there cant remember wat faction, its more resil and stam rather then SP. Remember when ur gear improves to get 130 spell pen, 4% hit at least preferably 5-6% because fear misses are game breaking.

    Talents, For 2's keep a similar spec, id drop absolution in favor of divine aegis then pick up crit offsets and 1 piece satin as divine aegis + crit is better then haste for priests IMO, but thats a close argument. For 3's drop mana burn and reflective shield, pick up martydom as itll lower the chances ull die in 2 man cleave in 8 secs of pummel, and yeh theres alot of cleave at higher ratings and lower. Ull never mana burn in 3;s unless its double healer or 2v2 cross kill and TBH the amount mana burns been nerfed its not even bound on my bars nemore, it hurts us more to burn then itll hurt other healers, only burn priests and dont tunnel for gods sake, keep a shield up on urself or ppl will switch and 2 shot u. O and gl with priests, they have the highest skill cap, are the most squishy and mana efficient but there offense rocks, remember dont play like a druid or ull lose, burst with ur partner. There hard but there the most rewarding

    PS, remmeber to use ur fiend to burst + avoid it gettin cycloned/fear etc.
    Inner focus + 2 bolts of penance + divine hymn = free divine hymn and 2 free ticks of penance, try it.
    Fear ward as someone fears u, it cancels the fear and retains the ward.
    make a swd focus macro to SWD sheeps or mages will have a field day with u
    once u gear up and run alot of spell power, switch outa spell warding into the reduced cast on holyfire/smite/greater heal etc.
    once this spec for heavy healing required
    shield for borrowed time, penance for 3 ticks, then greater heal. ull get ur penance off for fast heals so he doesnt die then 2 second greater = 8k
    2nd highest rank prayer of spirit + highest single target spirit = double stacked spirit for dispel protection.
    On that note, keybind everything, bind dispel party 1 to scroll up and party 2 to scroll down.
    gl hope this helps
    Berdine - Jubei'thos

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