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    as you can see, this is twins normal. raid damage isnt that high. it could even be the kill from when their aura was inactive. rejuvenation did 83% overhaling. according to my previous calculations t8 bonus would increase rejuv's healing by roughly 70% (12% / 17%). however this instant tick did 50% overhealing too, decreasing bonus to 35-40%. but to be honest - is this log viable to judge anything? overhealing was so high that it doesnt really matter what set you were wearing. you could go there with t7 from naxx 10 man and drop 2 healers out and effect would be similar ^^

    i think this would be more viable log:

    its one of our twin val'kyrs 25 heroic tries. im having t8 set here. you can see that healing done by rejuv ticks is around 60-65%, while instant heal is near 5%. overhealing done by rejuv is on 20-30% level, overhealing done by instant ticks is 10-15%. as you can see instant ticks increased my rejuv's healing by around 8%
    Yep, your one is a much better example. This is still after the 4T8 nerf yet you've still got 8% of an increase to your healing done by Rejuv. If it was the original version of 4T8 that would likely be closer to 15%, definitely an improvement over the 11% you got with 4T9 in your second example.

    unfortunately it wont be easy to test how much does t10 bonus help. assuming procs wont land on people who have rejuv alrdy we could say its flat 12% increase. for me its on par with t8 and t9 bonuses. for druids with higher crit t10 would be worse.
    Minor correction - it would be a flat 10% increase. Rejuv will only have 5 ticks when talented in 3.3.

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    ah right, forgot bout it. hmm maybe devs could be convinced to change it to 3% per tick
    I have enough of EA ruining great franchises and studios, forcing DRM and Origin on their games, releasing incomplete games only to sell day-1 DLCs or spill dozens of DLCs, and then saying it, and microtransactions, is what players want, stopping players from giving EA games poor reviews, as well as deflecting complaints with cheap PR tricks.

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