Twilight Incursion is a Horde morning Raiding guild found on Quel'Dorei server. We are a group of individuals with a common goal. To raid and clear all content to the best of our ability at our own pace.

Current Progression:

•Recently have started 25 man raiding and have killed Anub'arak (Currently filling raids with a few pugs)
•We are 12/14 in Uld 10 man with 2/9 HM, and 5/5 in 10 ToC Normal.
•Currently in the process of starting ToGC 10 man and continuing hard mode attempts in Uld 10 man.
•Interested in getting 25 Ulduar cleared, as well as 25 ToGC, and getting prepared for Icecrown. Trying to fill out our roster.

Raid Schedule

•Our raid week starts on Wednesday, Our raid times begin at 9:45AM CST (10:45AM EST) and typically end at 1:00PM CST (2:00PM EST).
•We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
•Occasionally we will raid on Monday to wrap things up.
•Tuesdays we raid when the server comes up and do minor content (VOA 10/25 and Ony 10/25)

What we are looking for:

•Any DPS class and spec.
•Any healer with a DPS off spec.


•Dedicated rogues, who excel at doing dps, please if you can't do over 3,000, you need not apply.
•An enhancement shaman, talented around raid melee support to its fullest.
•A feral druid tank/kitty, either is fine.


•We currently are using Epgp to handle our looting system. It is the best means of handling loot we have used and will continue to use.
•For more information please read this article:


•We are a laid back casual guild. Even tho we enjoy raiding, we also know when to have fun and call out "Pred in the slag pot" in our Vault runs, or talk about our fail tanks while attempting Yogg. Or even how our "fail" warrior tank let our DK die in Heroic OK. Our guild chat is always something we can laugh about.


•We are not the best guild in our server. We are simply the only morning guild in our server. We take pride in being the only successful morning guild with our current progression. With that said we dont expect our new recruits to be pros, but instead individuals who can read a boss fight, learn from wipes, and keep pushing for a kill rather than giving up and going off to farm Naxx.

If interested to join our ranks please visit our guild site:, and fill out a quick 5 min app. Or you can make a level 1 alt on our server (Queldorei) and message any officer in game with any questions. (Dapredator, Valorix, Cradle, and Trimpal)