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    I've got a little problem with my proffesions. I am a shadowpriest and I want to do arenas and battlegrounds so I use my playtime only for Pvp. I have a mining+herb combo at the moment which is very good moneymaker, I would even say that incredibly good. But at last I'd like to improve myself in pvp by changing herb into something else(don't wanna change mining cause I think it's better and I need it for engi for other char). It wouldn't be hard to choose 2 proffesions, but choosing one is a big problem for me. Tailoringm engineering, jewelcrafting, inscription? I have no idea what to choose.

    So my question is, what proffesion should I choose with mining for Shadowpriest PvP playing?

    Thanks for all replies

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    Re: Mining+?

    I'd pick JC or engineering. They both go with mining and JC has the best stat buffs, while engineering can prove helpful in pvp. (Depends on what you're looking for, JC is also the most profitable profession)
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    Re: Mining+?

    Well, with mining moneymaking isn't a problem so my goal is only profit for pvp as a shadowpriest, I don't look for money profits.

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    Re: Mining+?

    I would pick jc because not only is increadibly profitable (means you are losing nothing from dropping herb)but it also offer very good stats and you can addapt your playstyle to it (defensive,offensive) and gem it.I see you are kinda underestimate how much
    money you can get from it and you will be hapilly surprised.

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    Re: Mining+?

    I see that JC seems to be a good choice so I'm gonna pick it. Thanks for help

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