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    Cool Have you tried turning it off and on again.

    Steam : Stanford ( altho im never logged on)
    WoW: Stanford @ Terenas EU
    Xbox Live: Stanf0rd ALL xbox racing games, transformers, halo 3, gta . red dead. You get the picture. Feel free to add me if you want a whooping on PGR4 / Dirt2 etc. That goes for the ladies too! lolz

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    PSID Tidusjr
    xbox MSBETAJR1

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    Playstation 3 : None
    XboxLIVE : NikitaMoonfire
    SteamID : None
    World of Warcraft Character : Loriana, Tasanee & Tigerheart <Darth Elves> - Arathor(EU)
    Class : Nightelf Hunter, Nightelf Deathknight & Worgen Druid
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    Ty to cynsacat for Sig & Ava

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    Playstation 3 : None
    XboxLIVE : AlanOC91
    SteamID : AlanOC91
    World of Warcraft Character : Ónaga <Warlords of Oblivion> - Karazhan(EU)
    Class : Mage
    - I participated in the Legendary 22/02/11 EU internet Crash thread, also known as "The day EU trolled Blizzard" -

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    Stood in the Fire Luminar's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    The Most Idiotic Nation In The World
    Steam: •cC• Daniel Is I
    Xbox Live: None
    Playstation Network: None

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    The Patient Goochy's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    The REAL Jersey Shore
    XBox Live- Bigernst89
    WOW- Goochy (US- Blackhand horde)
    League of Legends- Tehgootch

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    Field Marshal Sothoth's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Lurking somewhere between time and space
    Wow: Sothoth on Vashj Eu / Tuusu on Twisting nether Eu
    Ps3: Great-Sothoth
    Steam: Eno-mörgkret

    On ps3 I usually play only Bf3. Feel free to hook me up on Steam, and currently looking for a buddy to play Ghost Recon: Future soldier Co-op campaign.
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    "A Face of goat in mirror. We've become a race of the cursed seeds. I entered the soul of snake. We are a blaze in the Northern sky."

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    WoW: Viperdream EU Mazrigos
    PS3: lolseeker
    Steam: lolseeker

    I mostly play Rift/Total War on Steam and CoD/brotherhood on PS3. Feel free to join me

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    Feel free to hit me up on Steam, I'm always up for a match of Bad Company 2.
    Steam: RobNinjaGuy
    Quote Originally Posted by Madd77 View Post
    I will gank someone with mobs on them.
    I will gank someone with 10% health.
    I will gank regardless of 'reds' situation.


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    The Patient Xerkx's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Norway, Trondheim
    Steam ID = Weeman666. Shown up as Weeman.
    Played a lot of surf and on zombie servers on CSS. Also MW2 as Weeman.

    WoW: Known as Xtrusa and Xerk. Undead rogue currently on Outland EU.
    WC3 RoC/FT: Dr.Gordon

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    PS3: Realirony

    Games that I play (or will play) regularly : Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, Brink, AC:B
    (I do not play CoD)

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    My steam user is Cloud_Clark I use a lot of aliases but at the moment i am Yoshimori Sumimura

    I play tf2 only but i am bound to get more games as there recommended by people not adverts.

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    The Patient Trydene's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Pokemon White FC: 5114-3914-8558
    Send me a PM with your FC

    Blood Elf Shadow Priest-Trydene-Horde-Wildhammer(US)
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    WoW: [email protected]
    Steam: LiquidSkills
    Steam games owned, Portal, HL2, HL2 Ep 1&2, Team Fortress 2, Kane and Lynch 2, Portal 2, Audiosurf.
    XBL: Evans2904

    too many 360 games to mention ^^

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    SC2: NA Fragma 950
    Steam: atoxick
    LoL: Formula of Fear
    Quote Originally Posted by Lysah
    There really isn't much to say about SC2, it's not a very complex game. Three races that never change and that's it, end of story.

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    World of Warcraft - Ellibelli

    EVE Online - Peperpots

    Steam - Eklaassic

    Xbox Live - KlaassicNinja

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    The Lightbringer Romire's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    Central Queensland
    PS3: RomireOnline - Add me, but i will accept your friend adds
    WoW: Caelestraz US Horde Realm - Romire/Shamrom/Rivena/Mapotofgold
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    Australian Oceanic Multi Class Veteran of the Burning Crusade Wars!
    Twitter: @RomireVids
    Youtube: RomireVids
    Twitchy: My Twitch

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    Steam: Dizzer83 For Black Ops
    Cylloo for Starcraft2

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    Pandaren Monk I stand in fire's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    United States of America
    Xbox Live Gamertag: Soldier Anubis
    Steam: Soldier_Anubis
    WoW: Ceberus US_Icecrown
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    I'm just a fan of a brand new wiki:
    A one stop place to help you get your favorite PCGames not only running on your machine, fix issues you might have, find the latest patches from the developers or fans, and more.
    It's a brand new site, so help out by contributing.

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    MicroVolts : SavvUmad
    Wow : Savvasp (retired)

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