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    Quote Originally Posted by Judge40 View Post
    Activation type buff, put in the name of the stacking buff 'Heart's Revalation'? or you could try the spellid which I think is 91031.

    Change the stack setting for buffs to =5.

    Rest is the same as any other aura.
    Figured it out cheers

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    When a buff of mine is dropping off say ~3secs left. How do I make it so there's a sound warning ~3secs?

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    Love the guide. Ele shaman here. How can i do this;

    Soo i need to cast earth shock when i have 7,8,9 stacks of lightning shield. But if flame shock duration is <6 then you dont cast it.
    Need some sort of show only if flame shock is >6sec duration is this possible?

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    Is anyone able to help, I need a power aura that shows when fury of angerforge is at 5 stacks and the trinket it useable. I am a power auras scrub >_< but its for a warrior friend.

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    Hi I am fairly new to PA and just wondering if I can get an aura to work like this,

    I already have Jade Spirit buff showing
    I already have Surge of Dominance showing

    But this is the new aura I need:

    I have Surge of Dominance setup as [1] in the character tab.
    I have Jade Spirit set up as [2] in the character tab.

    I want to make an aura that shows me a text when BOTH these auras are up at the same time. I have made a buff aura and under activation tab I have put in the name of the buff as big buff and under the multiple checks I have tried alot of combos like so...

    Jade Spirit/Surge of Dominance

    But nothing ever shows up.

    I changed the name of the aura to all the combinations above too, but when one buff came up I got the aura showing that both were up.

    This is the bit I think needs changed and can't work out why it is not working.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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