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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

    Must be a real schock for them... 3 days without WoW...

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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

    hypocrits lol...

    You're not telling me all of you wouldn't take advantage of that bug if it accured without knowing the reason.
    If this is the truth, they didn't deserve the ban, imo.

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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

    Okay, I've been reading (well, skimming) at least half the pages on this post.

    I don't know much about it, but it looks like while Ensidia knew the encounter was bugged, they just weren't sure how it was bugged, or aware that they were specifically exploiting it by using Saronite Bombs.

    The excitement of a world first on the most anticipated boss in the expansion probably overrode their sense of "shouldn't we report this bug to Blizzard?" at the time. Plus, they're sponsored, and were under pressure to get the WF before any other guild could beat them. There are a lot of other guilds out there snapping at Ensidia's heels and sometimes beating them on world firsts (Paragon, vodka, etc), and that probably weighed on them.

    I don't know why Ensidia would intentionally exploit the fight. They've gotten many legitimate world firsts and they're good players, they probably could easily have gotten a legit WF on the Lich King.

    On the other hand they got off lucky. Other guilds have been permanently banned for such behaviour, and in comparison, 72 hours is nothing. They might still get some legit world firsts on the hard modes in there, including hard mode Lich King. In that respect, the race is far from over. Ensidia should consider themselves lucky that they were not permabanned.

    I do not believe that the kill wasn't frapsed. Somebody had to be frapsing, and of course Ensidia would want to release a video of their first kill, at least eventually, once more guilds had done it because as Tun says, they don't want to help other guilds kill it (not that I really understand that mentality because if you've already killed it, what have you to fear?).

    Ah well. That's just my 2c anyway.

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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

    One thing I'm certain, Exodus is laughing at Ensidia right now.

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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

    I still can't believe some of you believe that they didn't know what was going on. I basically owned Tun a while ago, to the point where he had to change the mechanics of the fight to cover up his story.

    The combat log shows the rogue not hitting anything with a bomb for seven minutes. Tun's counter is that the rogue died. Judging by time on the logs, he died during the first set of Raging Spirits if we are to believe this.

    However, if you look at the Damage Taken portion of the rogue, you can clearly see him get hit by Spirit Burst, which is done by the ghosts three full phases later, and one phase before Tirion's resurrection of everyone.

    Tun's counter was that DERP DERP YOU DON'T KNOW MECHANICS DURR GHOSTS SPAWN AFTER RES. Unfortunately, he was very wrong, as the final 10% as far as anyone can tell is merely a pure burn phase.

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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

    Quote Originally Posted by Tauror
    One thing I'm certain, Exodus is laughing at Ensidia right now.
    Not just Exodus, everyone is laughing at Ensidia

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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

    For a guild that has frapsed every world first kill it has ever done. How about the file we know is out there, gets shared with the world so we can see it for ourselves?

    Or is it being tastefully edited with the incriminating bits accidentally removed, because thats what your sponsors told you to do?
    post the raw footage, and let the community decide. If you are as innocent as you claim, this is a no brainer.

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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

    They didn't know what was causing it to bug, but they knew it was bugging out and kept continuing trying to beat him without reporting it. So, obviously they knew what they were doing. Bunch of crybabies. They deserved it. They act like this is the first time Blizz has suspended anyone for abusing game mechanics. It's been implemented in the rules for a long time.

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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

    I doubt we will ever know what really happened guys. Let's just drop it and see what happens, if anything.

    P.S. Holy shit this thread exploded

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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

    Quote Originally Posted by wageaoe
    Can fanboys donate some computers to Ensidia so that we can have some ICC H mode videos to watch next week? I am serious
    I didn't see this anywhere and I couldn't bother to read 85 pages of fanboy/hater posts lol. Of course maybe no one knows until their ban is up either but I'll ask anyway. Does anyone know yet if they will be able to do hard modes next week? Basically the achievement and loot was removed, but will their attempts/LK be there again when they login to try and do it legit? Does the removal of the items/achievement etc mean that the kill doesn't count and thus they have to do it again next week? I'm not a fan of theirs, but I think it would be a shame if they somehow were not in the running for the hard modes next week.

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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

    Did anyone know if Muqq really quit or was it all a nerd rage for getting caught?

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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

    Banning PLAYERS who pay MONEY for this game because of BLIZZARD bug is wrong.

    Sorry to say,
    but I think this is the beginning of end of BLIZZARD.

    (was good company)

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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

    I don't feel bad at all for them. Judging by their immaturity, they got what they deserved and have obviously not learned a damn. This is their first time being banned for this type of thing and they act like children who got sent to their room. Here is a link from Kungens lovely "blog" (or is it just one big five year olds rant) proving my point.

    Personally I don't care at all about the ban.
    But if we lose 1 week on hard modes because Blizzard fucked up then I'm gonna get extremely angry. I wouldn't even care if they reset our ID and we had to redo all the bosses since I know that we'll destroy Arthas either way.

    Blizzard, this is your fault, not ours and yet you punish us. I really hope you guys aren't too proud to admit that you were wrong this time.
    - Kungen, flagship moron of Ensidia

    I do love how Kungen manages to contradict his first statement brutally in one paragraph. GG Kungen. Your whining is truly of legends.

    Kungen, you truly are the King. King of Idiots.

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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoodi
    LoLtumblr |

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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

    Banning them was a load of Bolshevik. They had no idea the bombs bugged the encounter (and I would have used them too, being a rogue engineer.)
    God; I hate you people.

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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

    3. "They continued when they should have stopped and reported".

    Alright, so lets see, I actually like this.

    Putricide anyone? I've seen for myself several times the Slimes bugging out, therefor not actually targetting anyone during 100-0%. Thus completely removing that bit of the fight.

    Ship battle. You can evadebug the boss so he never hits the tank at all for the entire duration of the fight.

    Saurufang, heard of several bugs here. You could previously knock the adds over the edge using a moonkin (?). You could sit in a cannon and let the person with the mark die and therefor not heal the boss. You could DI the person with the mark while soulstoning the paladin, thus removing the dmg and the eventual heal if the person would have died (this one is extremely common in pugs).

    Blood Queen, intentionally sacrifice a person with a bite in order to not hit the soft enrage.

    I'm pretty sure PLENTY and PLENTY of the people right now accusing us for "not stopping when there was a bug" have abused several of these bugs themselfs, ON PURPOSE if I may add, in order to make the boss easier for them (creds to the ones that actually haven't). Would you wipe on putricide because an add bugs out?

    Give up the shit about it not being the same thing, because it is exactly the same thing, even WORSE if you actually bug the encounter on purpose which has been the case for SEVERAL pugs atleast on Saurufang. It doesn't matter what boss, what instance, using a bug is using a bug no matter what.

    What happened to us was pretty much the same, although we aren't masterminds and it's impossible to prevent a bug if you don't know the actual source of the problem and why on EARTH would we spend our limitied attempts on figuring out what's causing a bug, instead of actually trying to kill the boss?


    As this (currently) seems to be the main accusation against Ensidia by many - I suggest to read the blog above.
    Imo, pure hypocrisy from all the "haters".

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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

    Quote Originally Posted by bloodmoon
    Banning PLAYERS who pay MONEY for this game because of BLIZZARD bug is wrong.

    Sorry to say,
    but I think this is the beginning of end of BLIZZARD.

    (was good company)
    I agree 90%,ppl can't do anything but sew them.But a billion $ company has its no chance.
    I support Ensidia and any other guild that got banned for Blizzard's own mistakes.

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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

    so someone please tell me why this guild should be punished for a known fuck up by blizzard? Time for a new mmo to rise up, problem is nobody seems to know how to do it right.
    Quote from: JonTargaryen on October 10, 2009, 09:16:46 pm
    Jaina isn't thinking with her head, she's thinking with her jaina.

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    Re: Ensidia suspended for 72 Hours

    I checked on this a bit more and here are my "refined" thoughts.

    First of all, I'd like to say that I consider Ensidia a professional enough guild to know wtf is going on. That being said, I don't believe that not one of your 25 players didn't fraps the fight just for the fun of having a memento of the world first on one of the coolest lore characters in game.
    I also don't believe that you didn't know something was wrong with the fight / you didn't know what was causing it / feared someone else would use it. You KNEW mods and devs were watching you do the encounter, all you had to do was speak in /s and say "hey mods / devs, wtf is up with the floor, can you look into it?" and not even bother with a ticket.

    Now then. Blizzard is wrong. The communication between devs and players is lackluster no matter how much GC tries to improve it (and I thank god he has the heart to answer so many questions). Top guilds should communicate with the devs better or even alpha / beta test encounters to a certain degree.

    Blizzard QC fails, simple as that. I'm also in the QC department of another publisher / developer and I KNOW what testing means. A bug like this should NEVER have gone unnoticed. Either their testers were doing the encounter with mod accounts or they are simply devoid of in-game mechanics and rotations. This is a direct insult to the testers at Blizzard. It's the Rogue Tester's fault he didn't find this bug that led to 25 of the best raiders getting banned.

    Anyway, most of this is moot.
    Ensidia is a very good guild no matter if they exploit or whatever. You can't deny they are good.
    Blizzard is a very good company who have always released top-notch games. You can't deny they are among the best in the business.

    I hope this works out in an amiable way between the two parties and that haters and fans alike get a life and let this topic rest.


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