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    [Priest(healer)/Cataclysm] Blue posts make me think ...

    [Disclaimer: I am aware that nothing is certain yet and that I really do not know shit.]

    When I heal a encounter, I like the fact that I need to be 100% focused all the time.

    Not that I *need* to spam'a'lam - But I like when the fight goes tough and its the little extra that gives us that kill.

    But when I read blue posts about how Cataclysm will affect healing - so that healing will not increase the same way stamina will and that it should not be needed to have people at either 100 % or 20 % and that mana regen would become a much larger concern for healers. (The mana regen suits me fine, I am looking forward to harnest my experience as holy priest - when other classes did not have to be as mana concerning.)
    Well first off all, as a healer I have this syndrom - People with lower than 100 % health need healing, in ICC or AH it does not matter. My eyes hurt when grid is not pretty. It is not like I spam heal everybody
    (my raid assignment is Topper/mender and burst - So I useally Wack'A'mole when I am not bursthealing to mend my eyes)
    So when I read the blue about people not needing to be at 100% I thought - Well are we supposed to stand there until they take further damage and need some healing, because in my opinion that sounds plain boring.
    They mention that they want you to use the best spell as possible instead of just using one. Well as priest that is all I/we do ; With all our tools, we constantly use different spells to maximize our utility. ( and how would they make a holy Pally choose between FoH/HL/HS more than they do already ... Oh wait.. But I think you get the point) or are we going to spam the raid/ah until it is topped up, though the idea of spamming is flawed on beforehand because of blue mana_regen_warnings.

    Am I the only one thinking this ? and what do you think about the Lesser healing more stamina idea.

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    Re: [Priest(healer)/Cataclysm] Blue posts make me think ...

    I can see the change to stamina actually bringing forth a solid greater heal focussed holy tank healing build, because it doesn't have to worry about a buffer zone (like other healers do) in order to play it up. It also solves the problemof blizzard wanting to put it back onto our bars.

    But I do fear if they make healing changes that the pacing will suck. I like fast paced "oh snap" moments being thrown at me every half second. If I can't adapt and/or push myself harder, then people start dying at me so I always have to be playing my best. Triage at its finest. Slowing it down to make it "accessible" to more people didn't quite work with the tanking population (a few baddies, most got yelled at and never saw anything worthwhile and went back to their mains, the rest are in denial). So you're running with the same tanks who've amped up their game.

    But ours is suddenly not having the fear of people dying on you in one swoop because of massive HP that needs to be healed? Sure, make Regen matter, but this, to me, gives a bad feeling.

    Edit: 4.1: "New combat pet: Portable Priest. This companion interacts in combat by casting heals on you and your groups in both groups and raids on any difficulty).
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    Re: [Priest(healer)/Cataclysm] Blue posts make me think ...

    I was scared at the end of TBC when they changed the healing spell power to just overall Spell power, to me this was weird (how would we get gear?!?!) after all the panic, it was all okay.

    While raiding now i do find myself spamming (just like paladins) and when burst damage comes thats when i kick in AOE healing (POM is up 100% of the time.)

    it will be interesting to see what they do. i just hope they dont make it so i lose interest in healing all together.

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    Re: [Priest(healer)/Cataclysm] Blue posts make me think ...

    I for one would like stamina be a stat we think about instead of just having more of it with each new tier of gear.
    either you get more haste or crit or mastery or whatever making your char do more of what it's good at, or they sacrifies a small portion of that to get some stamina. it calls for more gear and pherhaps people stacking several gearsets however which isn't ideal.
    but this way you would have to make a choice when rolling for gear. either you can survive the random aoe of the bosses you're farming or you do more dps/have a easier time topping the raid up. if you'll need around 3 or 4 items with increased stamina on them every fight and pherhaps one or two fights per raidtier where you need alot more stamina or be one of the lucky ones who can get a certain buff. and your guild has a bit to say about your gear too.

    also, if they greatly increase the amount of stamina on the gear as they plan, what will happen to buffs like pw:fort and mark o'wild? that motw won't greatly increase your health isn't much of a problem since it increases the other stats aswell, but if fort doesn't make a real impact on our health (it was what, 10% of a ilvl200 epics casters health back in 3.0.8?) then what's the reason it's there? and why stil have a talent that improves it, with truly crappy other talents on the same tier that you need to bypass to get manaregen (if that will still be the case)?

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