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    Sindragosa's Air phase

    I die a little each time I see people in both my guild and on videos who do not realize that if the ice blocks are far enough up the steps on Sindragosa's air phase, you never have to move side to side if you are at the exact back side of a block with your crotch pushed as close to it as you can. Try it out for yourself, but I never move and the only time I've ever been hit is from not getting in place in time for the first one or someone killed a block too soon.

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    Re: Sindragosa's Air phase

    Cool man, that is ground breaking on this fights mechanics

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    Re: Sindragosa's Air phase

    It really doesn't matter too much except that rather than the panic I see people in during the phase you can sit and relax while you ease the hp on the tombs down. There is no need for the "ZOMG LEFT" "ZOMG RIGHT" crap

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