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    Quote Originally Posted by Dedweight View Post
    First character or not, I'd still expect them to know something about their own class after the first 10-30 levels(10 being a DK up to 30 for every other class).
    After watching my brother play from 1-30 give or take in the last 2 or 3 weeks, i assure you it takes time for people to learn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sivet View Post
    That is what wotlk has done to ppl sure there were those ppl around in tbc too but just not that many -.-
    srsly. I'm hoping cata will flush the majority of the bads out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sivet View Post
    That is what wotlk has done to ppl sure there were those ppl around in tbc too but just not that many -.-

    but yeah plenty of times. I usually either leaves (cuz i have better things to do) or ignore him. In rare cases i will turn to my evil side and 1. trying to make a fool out of him. 2. since i am a healer, and if the idiot is the tank, with the right timing i can let the tank die just in the end of combat so no one els dies.
    Yeah there was a larrge uprising of the idiot class in wotlk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinoashi View Post

    Yes I know the lfd system has brought tons and tons of idiots (most are just new and still need to learn mechanics).*but* I'm sure when you started playing you knew everything about this game. Right? Wrong. Anyhoo what does this (I am going to call him new) Death Knight have to do with raids and dungeons? No him being a noob and not knowing the mechanics of auras has nothing to do with Raids and Dungeons.
    When I started playing I knew more about this game than like 25% of the ppl I meet with the LFD tool, be them lvl 80 or lowbies. D'oh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Christ View Post
    If it's any consolation, the idiots Wrath has set loose upon us will be eaten alive by common outdoor mobs in Cataclysm.
    Thanks for sig
    Quote Originally Posted by Trollfaced View Post
    yes I think its safe to say that brother is mad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinden View Post
    Those people who lvl Hunters to 55, then a DK to 80 are the best.
    /agree, signed, you win etc. etc. etc.

    I can't stand people like that, like an hour ago I asked a lvl 60 DK I found on /who tirisfal to boost me 1 run in SM:armory so I'd get quest completed + a level up, and surprise: He didn't know where SM was <.< . I died a little inside there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_pool View Post
    and i tought i was a bad DK, this is the reason why i never wanna be a tank. i wouldn't be abble to do it correctly and i always prefer others to be the tank and lead the heroic, raid etc
    Hmm... another example of a mongoloid DK. Please, DKs, learn to spell and properly use grammar.

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    There should be an option to queue for ret-free, dk-free dungeons. In my personal experience, the three most common classes that have catastrophic nooby mistakes are palys, dks, and hunters... but often the terribad hunters aren't completely arrogant and will actually LISTEN TO MY ADVICE.

    The rets/dk's... that's another story. They tell me "shut the fuck up fag i no wut im doin!" I'd gladly add another 2 seconds onto my tank queue time if it meant I never had to speak to/play with another terribad, spell power spec dk/ret again.

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    My experience with the LFd tool have been a mixture of ups and downs. But probably the worst one was on my 66 blood dk. We had a pally as a tank and he was having a real hard time keeping aggro, complaining about everyones dps etc. We get to the first boss in Auchindown and he wipes within a min so i take over and finish the boss with ease. I've never tanked or anything but i got a hold of the boss and we finished and then the tank started complaining about my dps. He said that I was only pulling 100. so i linked the recount. something like 1100 dps and second right behind a mage in the group.... Long story short tank ragequits after using some really mean words.

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    Tanks? where are they? No but really.... to all you tanks who are out there.... Thank You.

    other than that randoms go ok

    Thank you Kenz for this amazing signature!

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    so many people here complaining about tanks. most tanks that go in for these randoms are tired of being tops dps. sorry I have better things to do than drag around your 500dps, full boa, mostly afk, scrub alt. inc next 4 packs /leave dungeon CATCH!

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    i normally dont complain about "bad" players, but yesterday just baffled me ;-)

    i get into FoS HC with my 4p t10 rest icc gear and i see the tank is a DK, so als always i started inspecting him.
    i see his health is just over 20k..... thats less than my mage....
    he is in full blue crafted lvl 78 tanking gear, no gems, no enchants.
    he is only using 1 crafted 1h tank sword, no offhand.

    slightly scared we start. he pulls the 1st caster at the start and gets 2 shotted :P shaman puts down earth elemental that goes slower down than the tank.

    tank ofcourse blaming healer, but group fell apart rather quick after that

    i was like WTF!! how can a tank be so badly geared and still get into FoS HC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goretech View Post
    so many people here complaining about tanks. most tanks that go in for these randoms are tired of being tops dps. sorry I have better things to do than drag around your 500dps, full boa, mostly afk, scrub alt. inc next 4 packs /leave dungeon CATCH!
    Well Tanks are OP on trash atm, so yeah... :P

    Enstraynomic - League of Legends
    TheEnst - Starcraft II

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    Probably my worst experiences ever happened on my alt. Yeah funny cause you think a lvl 80 Hunter would get more crap. But apparently my Holy Paladin was a better target. Now, truthfully, I was new to healing and only rolled one for my guild. I've always told groups I was new and most of them were nice about it ( save one gnome Rogue who forever will ruin Wailing Caverns for me ). Then of course when I tried rolling a mage with my other friend, things went astray. There was one incident that stood out.

    The Day That The DPS And Healer Switched Places On Us

    Ah, Wailing Caverns. No matter what class I play, you disappoint me. So it was me, my Shaman friend, and a bunch of nelf druids running through the dungeon. I have never rolled a druid before so I don't try to act like I know how druids play. But at least I know how they fail at their class. The healing druid was being so fickle on his healing. He would let us get near the brink of death before he would start healing. We've wiped a boss for a bit because he was not paying any sort of attention. Then one of the dps druids decides on his own that he and the fail healer were going to switch places.

    My friend and I were chatting on Skype during all of this. I noticed the switch, seeing as how we were getting our asses mauled by every mob in there. We both tried to tell them to switch back but the healing druid refused to talk to us. After like an hour, we actually finished the dungeon.

    I don't ever have good experiences with druids :<

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    I ended up in a random with a Mage that needed on everything he could (from doucherock land of the wanna be pvp gods) whohad decent enough gear but was gemming every blue gem with arp/stam gems. While beating him on damage done on my tank (in dps gear, yeah I'm that guy on my dk but it was a guild group and it was old kingdom with my girlfriend disc priest healing so not exactly "rough") he started bitching about the other dps'ers being fail. This is when I "kindly" pointed out his choice in gems and had to watch him try to explain that armor pen is awesome because it makes your spells go through the targets armor. This obviously went over swimmingly and as he was the only pug we waited il the timer was up and kicked him right before the last boss as he complained about us being bads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reaperjon91 View Post
    I hate queuing for ages for a random, finally getting a group and either the tank or healer leaving after the first boss because the first boss didn't drop the thing they came for and then having to wait god knows how long for another one... ._____.
    Even worse is requeuing, getting the same tank who bailed in your last run, warning the party that he will leave if his item doesn't drop, the tank feigning ignorance, doing the boss, and then being able to do nothing but roll your eyes as he inevitably drops the group. Again. So yeah, this one is really inconsiderate. Some players are not just bad - they are selfish.

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    1. Three friends joined FoS with me and DK dps. one of those friends (paladin) asked if someone needs arp trinket from last boss and DK said that he will need on it. so it went fine and right before last boss they vote and kick him. Trinket dropped so i decided to need roll on it and won. Never seen so much QQ , they even logged on my realm to spam trade that im a ninja.
    2. Our group changed 5 tanks in HoR even before first boss and they all were paladins.

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    Worst one's gotta be tanks QQ'ing when i tricks them, and start using FoK at once, even if i dont pull aggro, they still QQ that i dont give them time to get threat..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nilinor View Post
    I really hate lately how tanks believe they are god because groups cant go on without them. Thats why I que up as DPS now, so if a tank pulls this bs attitude, I just go to my main spec (prot warrior) and do it for them. I may be full icc geared and know what im doing, but the group does what the group wants, if I see people with 200ilvl blues/purples, im going to full clear the instance because they are their for badges to gear up, if I see people in 232+ purples, I know they are there for frost, so I skip bosses. The group make up makes for what the instance should be. Its a game, im having fun doing my job.

    We had one tank leave a group cause the hunter (new 80) was doing 1.5k dps in a spec he wasnt used to.

    #1 He is learning, no one gets it right overnight unless they played the class before (the hunter leveled BM but just switched to survival)
    #2 so what if you leave, your still out 15minutes because you left group right as you entered the dungeon
    #3 you screw over the other 3 people as well because of your shitty attitude.

    BTW! If your curious, I went tank (still que in the dungeon finder as a dps while waiting for a replacement) we cleared 3 bosses before we got another tank. So you screw us over even more.

    That kind of thing happens more then once, and its annoying as hell.

    Just a word of advice for good geared tanks out there. If you dont mind waiting, que up only as dps, so if you get a failure tank, you can take over and salvage a group, you will be doing the other players a huge favor
    You are a saint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PBitt View Post
    Yep. I was on my DK tank and was told the black heart from ToC regular that has stamina on it was a dps trinket and that I was a dipshit for thinking that a trinket with 100 someodd stamina on it wasn't a great choice for dps. And they were serious.
    I play a hunter, and the "Hunter weapon" syndrom is on a lot lower scale then it used to be. I in eneral see a lot less people gearing incorrectly since the WotLK kicked in. Back in BC, I raided in a guild that cleared SSC and TK pre-nerfs, BT prenerf, and after I've quitted, they did quite well in SWP aswell. That being said, we did a lot of stupid gearing mistakes. And I mean it stupid. (such as feral tanks taking SP weapons and sp leather becouse it yealded more stamina than the pieces they had at the time). Good times :P I also used the Feral staff from Ilhoof on my shadow priest for 2 weeks or so... I feel so stupid looking back now :P
    You are the harbringer of death, Kara Thrace. You will lead them all to their end.

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