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    Darkness MOd

    Is this still in developement, has there been any updates for it. I might come back to this game yet again but need a good spell rotation mod, unless someone has a better plan of support.

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    Re: Darkness MOd

    I would guess, Learn your rotation? instead of relying on addons?
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    Re: Darkness MOd

    There is an addon called, "Ovale" it is like training wheels for pretty much every spec. It won't get you to your maximum possible dps, but it'll keep your from being extra terrible.

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    Re: Darkness MOd

    What is this mod you speak of?

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    Re: Darkness MOd

    It sounds like a mod built for Shadow Priest which will show them their rotation, probably through doing a DBM raid warning style "MIND BLAST" with the image flashing on the screen.

    By the way, 'options', great name. (Especially for someone who actually gives other options \o/)
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