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    what to buy next with emblems of frost

    I was just wondering what you guys thought should be my next piece of gear to get with emblems of frost. I am not sure if I should get my t-10 head to replace my onyxia head, the dps back to replace my onyxia back, or replace my t-9 pants with t-10 pants.. What do you guys think? here is my wowarmory just in case you guys see other ideas (I am working on getting my trinket from hc POS to replace the talisman)


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    Re: what to buy next with emblems of frost

    Spreadsheet is your friend =)

    Or there is this other simulation program called Rawr wich is also rly nice. There u can test all kind of gear combos =)

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    Re: what to buy next with emblems of frost

    IMO Cloak, just because its cheaper =P

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    Re: what to buy next with emblems of frost

    as a rule of thumb I generally don't buy anything that can drop from VoA unless it's all I have left to buy. Besides the pants are generally considered the piece of T10 you don't get. I'd go with the helm since it's one piece closer to that nasty 4 piece. Also Haste is awesome.

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    Re: what to buy next with emblems of frost

    T10 helm, since T10 pants can drop from Toravon in VoA. Don't buy off-set pieces until you have 4pc t10.

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    Re: what to buy next with emblems of frost

    to answer the question: get the headpiece. legs are a downgrade statwise (crit for haste), as is the cloak (go for the saurfang25cloak instead, if you can't get to frostwing halls25 or 10hm). headpiece is best-in-slot by far.

    after that, go for setgloves and http://www.wowhead.com/?item=50997.

    fix your gems (neck, pants, feet), get a good 2nd trinket (iotd, abyssal rune, eye of the broodmother, even purified lunar dust is better than the fetish, get rid of it!), take a look into your horribly overcapped hit rating (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=50309 is easy to get and way better than your offhand, if you dont need the hit).

    move the 3 points form shadow affinity to imp dp and veiled shadows.

    there, i fixed your character, you can thank me later.

    ps.: i hate you for having the spyglass although you have to ask how to gear, while i am still sitting with my flare


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