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    APB - All Points Bulletin

    I am like a little child to see Santa Claus, feels like just waiting 4ever. .

    But i know its time to wait for Can't wait på play beta ! 8)



    Bye Bye Wow !! ;D

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    Re: APB - All Points Bulletin

    So this is basicly GTA Online? :P

    Man, this is going to get more of a storm than GTA ever did. "Free world crime makes our children screwed up!"
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    Re: APB - All Points Bulletin

    Quote Originally Posted by Qieth
    So this is basicly GTA Online? :P

    Man, this is going to get more of a storm than GTA ever did. "Free world crime makes our children screwed up!"
    True. Moral morons are gonna criticize it like hell
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    APB - All Points Bulletin

    Anyone else genuinely excited with this upcoming MMO? its in the final beta stages


    latest trailer


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    Re: APB - All Points Bulletin

    I'm in the closed beta, but every time I receive fall damage I crash, it sucks. Other than that, I can see it becoming a big game.

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    Re: APB - All Points Bulletin

    I've been in the closed beta for a while now; game is not bad but the play times just make the beta terribly annoying. If anyone however wants to give it a try I'm willing to trade my apb info for a starcraft 2 friend invite.

    Overall the game is a good idea; I just think the amount of goals in it should be fixed. Customization in this game is insane.

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    Re: APB - All Points Bulletin

    I just saw the Customization features of this game, and i think i'd spend my whole time just customizing things instead of playing. I already have untold hours spent within Dragon Age's character creator, so adding things like clothes, cars, and tattoos into the mix, and i'm playing an entirely different game than the one the designers intended.


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    Re: APB - All Points Bulletin

    Just got my Beta key. The annoying thing is, in Europe that they have set times in which they have the servers up. 2 hour slots, 3 times a week or so.

    Whereas in America I believe they have it up for a couple of weeks on the trot.

    The depth of the customization can only mean i'll be sitting there, tomorrow, making my character until play time runs out.

    But I don't care it's going to be awesome. I actually can't wait.

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    Re: APB - All Points Bulletin

    watched all the podcasts they have on youtube, all the trailers and all the latest pax boston vids, this game is gonna be so amazing,

    and im a customization freak you dont even wanna now how much time i spend only customizating characters in Baldurs Gate 2 or recently in Dragon Age! it will likely take me few days to get my character ready to play

    and i will need a new pc for this but byuing this for sure i cant wait, too bad it looks like i wont get to the closed beta due to my pc spec

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    Re: APB - All Points Bulletin

    The game just seems to be awesome!
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    Re: APB - All Points Bulletin

    just found out about this game via google news

    looks awesome oO
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    gee thx Brox...

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