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    Video Games Forum Guidelines - 20 Aug 2013

    Welcome to the Video Games Forum! On these boards, we gather to discuss the wonders of video games across all platforms and genres.

    Gamers come in many variations, so it is important that we are mindful of our behavior. The general forum rules are still in effect, but the following rules also apply to these forums:

    Only one topic per game
    It can get really messy if the board has 5 different Runescape threads. Use the search tool and post in an existing topic if you wan't to add something, rather than making a new one. There is a handy directory of Megathreads here.

    In the event that you missed an existing thread, the new topic may be closed or merged with the other.

    No "I need a new game to play" threads
    If you're looking for suggestions from others as to what new game(s) you should try, use the stickied thread towards the top of the forum. If everyone made their own person thread asking for game suggestions, the threads where actual discussion are taking place would be buried or made harder to find. Keeping these threads consolidated into one sticky thread makes it easier for everyone to find the discussions they are looking for.

    Any threads made outside the sticky post will be closed.

    No begging for game keys
    Everybody wants to play in betas and get free games. Spouting forth your desire in a thread is not the way to get them. Begging for game/beta keys in threads is not allowed, regardless of how well-written or short your post is. Just assume that if anybody has beta keys or game activation codes to give away, or knows where to get them, they will share.

    Occasionally there will be opportunities for our members to give away game keys and/or beta keys. Unless otherwise stated, these will be handled on a first come, first served basis. Posting in these threads to ask for or politely request a game or beta key basically equates to cutting in line. For that reason, asking for or requesting game or beta keys in these threads is not allowed unless otherwise stated in the thread title or the first post in the thread.

    Trading Virtual Goods
    Trading game keys or beta keys for other keys with other users is fine as long as it is done in the appropriate trade thread. Trading game or beta keys for virtual goods (such as game currency, gear, items, etc.) is not allowed. Trading virtual goods between games is not allowed either. This means, for example, trading gold from World of Warcraft for Pax Romana from The Secret World. is not allowed.

    Trading or giving away beta keys for games currently under closed beta testing or non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) is not allowed.

    No platform vs platform wars
    Not everybody has 17 different consoles, and some people simply prefer one thing over another. Please don't use these forums to flame one console because you like another. You are free to share your preference, if you found that you enjoyed Modern Warfare 2 on the PC more than when you tried it on the Playstation, but keep in mind that other people might not share your perspective, and let them have theirs.

    No genre vs genre wars
    Some gamers like FPS games, others like adventure games or puzzles. If you don't like a genre, refrain from flaming those that do. You are free to express your opinions and discuss what you dislike about a certain genre or game, but let people have their enjoyment.

    No game vs game
    People have their preference in games and which they like. No need to bash other games or other such issues. If you don't like it, don't need to post about it and keep things civil.

    Trolling is trolling, and we don't like it. Keep in mind that some people do not possess the same hand/eye coordination as you, or have the time to pursue a certain genre to a professional level. Snobby elitism is generally frowned upon, and direct assaults because someone isn't "as good as you" will win you a vacation.

    Keep your pictures small
    Keep your embedded pictures of a reasonable size and resolution. Large pictures slow down load times and stretch pages unnecessarily. Use smaller pictures or thumbnails that link to the full-size picture. Imgur is very easy to do this with. If the full-size picture is named screenshot1.jpg, you can embed a small square thumbnail by adding "s" to the end of the filename (screenshot1s.jpg), or you can embed a large thumbnail by adding "l" (lowercase L) to the end of the filename (screenshot1l.jpg). Some people have data limits on their internet. Some people have slow computers. Some people have smaller monitors. This rule is in place in consideration for these users.

    How to embed a thumbnail that links to a full-size picture:
    1. Embed your thumbnail image (screenshot1l.jpg)
    2. Highlight the entire IMG code ([IMG]screenshot1l.jpg[/IMG])
    3. Click the hyperlink button above the reply box (Looks like an Earth with a chain below it)
    4. Paste the link to the full-size picture in the box that pops up. (screenshot1.jpg)
    5. You're done!

    The final code should look like this:

    Please do not post spoilers, especially for newly- or recently-released games. The BB code to use looks like this: [spoiler][/spoiler]

    The resulting text will be hidden under a black bar that will reveal the text beneath by simply clicking on the black part: Snape kills Dumbledore!

    Referral Links only allowed if they benefit both parties
    A referral link is a link (usually contest related or similar) where you gain a benefit for someone clicking the link. It usually includes a long identifier in the link, such as http://www.somecontest.com/?id=887161h1hcf999817.

    In order for your link to be appropriate for MMO-Champion it must benefit both the referrer and the referred and cannot be a click-trap link.

    Examples of inappropriate links: ad.fly, "Click here to vote for me", Amazon vendor links
    Examples of OK links: mutually beneficial links (think Eve, Tera, LoL)

    This does not give you permission to make threads with referral links. These links are just OK to post in preexisting threads.
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