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    Re: Shadowmourne Extra Rewards, Blue posts, Comics

    It does not appear to be a 100% drop though as two weeks in a row we've killed LK with an axe in the raid but no box.

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    Re: Shadowmourne Extra Rewards, Blue posts, Comics

    We had ours drop the first LK 25 kill after finishing Shadowmourne.

    In other news we're selling the Crimson Deathcharger for 100k if anyone is interested...

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    Re: Shadowmourne Extra Rewards, Blue posts, Comics

    Quote Originally Posted by iDielord
    Dropped for me yesterday. Asked a GM with a ticket, about being one time only. Answer was, that this reward will be in loot every week.
    Has any player/guild confirmed what this GM said, that its repeatable?

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    Re: Shadowmourne Extra Rewards, Blue posts, Comics

    I just wanted to clear up any questions as to the purpose of what the unsealed chest is for. I have spoke with gm's on the topic and they have confirmed that the chest is meant for the person with shadowmourne as a way of saying great job. I asked them why would they make the items bopu if they could forsee the drama it could cause, and they responded that blizzard made the items bopu, for the sole reason to allow the wielder of shadowmourne to do with the items as he or she see's fit. They stated that is if they want to keep all the items for themselves that is perfectly acceptable, and if they wanted to give the items away that is also acceptable that it is entirely up to them. So that sums it up, it is soley meant for the wielder of shadowmourne to do with as they want. If you guild is trying to force you to give up the items they are in the wrong, regardless if they view it as a group effort or not.

    The only time I really can see a guild having any imput into the loot from the chest, is if they provided all the saronite you needed to get started. Guilds are saying it was a group effort, and we had to change strats to get the quest done for them. Ok first off if the guild didn't provide the saronite, especially before the price dropped that is one large investment the person made on their own. Second, there is really no strat change to do the quest. This is what I mean: The abom is the same regardless, some think you haft to let one ooze not be slowed to get it, well they are just doing it wrong all oozes can be slowed, so no change in that one. Blood Queen: Someone always has to be bit, your just letting that peron be bit second and then they bite the next three after soaking one tick of blood mirror, so no strat change there. Sindragosa: Here is the only slight deviation from a normal strat in that the person has to soak 4 frost breath, but if done correctly they can get the breath and still dps, so no real change there, especially if it's the tank. So that stops that arguement on strat, and I pose this question, would the guilds still be raiding ICC 25 man every week just the same if there was no shadowmourne to gain, yes they would. I know of no guild that is only running ICC to get a person a shadowmourne, so with that your doing what you would anyway so as far a shards go, the guild really isn't doing anything special to help the person, just the loot master clicking to give them a shard drop.

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    Re: Shadowmourne Extra Rewards, Blue posts, Comics

    That tabard will sell for alot..

    Gratz if your guild already got an extra reward btw!

    Paladin? I am not a Paladin, I am a Holydin!

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    Re: Shadowmourne Extra Rewards, Blue posts, Comics

    meh im glad they didn't make the items bind on pick up. as palpahtine stated, yes the person with shadowmourne may have provided the primordial saronite, but most likely they weren't the only one getting shadow edge. if it's boe and it's all going to one person, i think thats a bit of a kick in the face towards the rest of the guild who the shadowmourne wielder raided with throughout 3.3. also, only three classes can equip shadowmourne, so yeh, if it were bind on pick up, i don't think blizzard wanted to make stuff only a couple of classes can get (which has aesthetic/novelty value)

    my 6am ramblings there.

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