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    Looking for RAF/Leveling partner? Post here!

    If you're looking for a RAF (Recruit A Friend) partner, or just a leveling partner, please post your request in here.

    Do not create your own thread as that will be removed as soon as we spot it. This thread is the only way to post your LF RAF or leveling partners.

    • Please limit yourself to one bump a day for Recruit a Friend requests only.
    • Please do not edit the size of the font in your posts. Larger font will be edited out.
    • Do not post your IM nick or phonenumber.
    • If you are interested in making a request, you may contact or add your:
      Battle-tag (Real-ID)
      Private Message (PM)

    Read a little more about RAF (Recruit A Friend) here! As well, be sure to have your Game + Expansions ready for leveling!

    Mod edit: [US] versions of the above links: RAF / Game + Expacs

    Note that this is NOT a discussion thread for RAF or leveling partners, this is a request thread for the above. You may freely contact the users who has posted or post yourself. As well, take notice to the date the request was posted.

    In the case of bad incidents, do not post to name and shame within the thread, contact a MMO-champion moderator for the right section.
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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Final edit:

    Scrapping this. I no longer have enough time to warrant a RAF request.
    Thanks for the pm's I have received.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!


    I am looking for a player for RAF.
    I do not mind the server (i am currently on Malygos-EU, a german server) or the faction at all. I'd like to level 1-2 characters to level 60 (or higher) with you. As you can see, my english is not that great (i read and watch movies just in english tho.) but i love it more than my crappy german :P (such an ugly language, seriously).

    A requirement is ofc that you can talk to me in german or english and that you have a sense of ironie. I use ironie alot and it would suck if you can't tell if i am ironic or serious :P

    As far as communication goes, i have a Ventrilo server which i can use and a Skype-account. I don't mind using Teamspeak, Mumble or whatsoever but you should provide the server in that case.

    I like to talk with others and I love jokes (don't care if those jokes are dirty, racist or whatsoever aslong as they're funny ) but despite real racists.

    I consider myself a good player but quit raiding a month or so ago because of boredom (I help my guild if they need a tank tho). I'd like a player who knows how to play this game.

    I don't mind if we level through quests, pvp or the lfg tool

    My toons (if you want to check me out :P) are:


    Don't consider me as a "guild hopper", "ilia feon is" my main guild. I am in "diosa de los dragones" because i like the members alot and i like to talk with them "bis einer weint" is more of a pvp guild but not very serious :P

    If you want to do RAF with me contact me ingame or send me a pm

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    I'm looking to recruit a person in EU.
    All you have to supply is paying for the account and such, so we can get started. And some dedication to level the character(s) up.

    I will supply all the gold you need for gear. (This isn't 300g blues on AH - As they will get replaced anyways)
    I will pay for your mounts, bags, and all other stuff you need.
    I will also get some people to boosts us, and if we can't find any, we just sign up for a random dungeon - So going Tank/Healer would probably be a good idea. (Note: I don't mind what you want to level, all up to you.)

    The requirement I have, is that we level our first, if not last (I don't mind if you want more), characters on Nagrand, Alliance.
    In exchange for your time and such, I will give you a gamecard.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    I'm looking for a person to Refer. I will provide:

    A leveling experience up to 60 with you.
    Gold for gear/mounts/etc. bags, crafted gear, etc. so long as you agree to level on Nazgrel-US

    Leveling on my main server, Nazgrel-US is preferred so I have access to all my professions and gold, but as long as you don't mind lacking those I'll be happy to level up to 60 on any US server of your choosing.

    I'd just like to find someone legitimately interested in creating a new account that I could refer. I can work with whatever needs you have if you are willing.

    I will create a tank/healer to make randoms dungeons easier, pick whichever faction you'd prefer, etc.

    Please send me a PM if interested.
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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    I'm looking for a RAF partner i'm ally/horde on Ragnaros - EU
    I'l provide gold for mounts, some fast leveling and ofc fast level up.
    when you ding lvl 80 i'll hep you gear up.
    Zæl 80 Druid (horde)
    Iamnòtzæl 80 Lock (Alliance)
    /w me ingame or post it below here

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Hey its LeeroySham, and im looking for a recruit for RaF on "Jubei'Thos" Oceanic.

    I will supply:

    Gold for normal,epic mount, normal flying and half for epic flying.
    A great time leveling easily and efficently.

    A bonus 2500g for each 60.

    Long as we start on Jubei'Thos, all of those things are granted. Any other servers, wont be able to supply anything. (btw 60 in a wk max)

    PM me on MMO-Champion to talk to me. Or talk to me on Jubei'Thos Oceanic on the name Exòtic.



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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    LF someone from Blackrock or any good ALLIANCE server, preferably Blackrock to recruit me.

    Time zone:central
    Hours: I can play anywhere from 3-5 hours a day, sometimes more if I have nothing else to do.

    My main is:

    I plan on making a Priest so we can get fast dungeon queues if you want to level up that way.

    The main reason I am looking to do RAF is to have a permanent level 60 character so I can play Alterac valley and other BGs in that bracket. AV at level 80 is just terrible because it ends way too soon most of the time.

    I plan on making a Priest so we can get fast dungeon queues if you want to level up that way.

    PM or contact me on AIM: obtx3

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    I'm looking for a person to Refer. I will provide:

    I will provide gold for repairs, mounts, training, bags, etc.

    Leveling on my main server, Eonar-US is preferred so I have access to all my professions and gold. Horde is preferred but Alliance is fine as well.

    I'd just like to find someone legitimately interested in creating a new account that I could refer. I can work with whatever needs you have if you are willing.

    I will be leveling a Warrior and/or Priest. We can do more that 1 character. The faster we get to 60, the better. I can play all hours, whenever is best for you.

    Please send me a PM if interested.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    LF someone to RaF with.

    Gold for mounts/training, bags, gear, etc.

    Will help gear when 80.

    Would prefer leveling on Tichondrius-US for access to gold.

    Would prefer to level as horde but either faction is ok

    I'd like to level 2+ characters.

    I can play most hours.

    Please PM me on MMO-champion.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Server: Agamaggan EU
    I'd like to find someone to RaF with.
    I'll supply with gear and everything thats needed, but not any really huge twink items.
    I'll either boost with my lvl 80 or make a new character that can be on any server.

    PM me. ^_^

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    So you wanna start playing wow? Cool. I'm LF a friend to recruit.
    realm: Drak'Thul EU
    faction: Horde
    Currently I have 15 level 100s - 3 Aliance characters on Burning Blade EU, the rest are on Drak'Thul EU (and a pile of gold to spend on a friend ). Should you speak Czech, Slovak, German, Hungarian language, that would be really cool aswell.

    I can play almost every day, almost at any time afternoon (GMT+1 - Budapest, Bratislava, Prague).

    Skype: frantacs1

    TeamSpeak3: ts3.csetd.eu:10000
    Discord: https://discord.gg/010YBMsev1ZXokVvX
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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    hi, im looking to recruit someone to play on us realms. ill play on any server but preferably mannoroth us. if we play on mannoroth, youll have access to my guild bank for gear and repair funds. ill pay for all mounts including epic flying and ill buy one ridiculously expensive twink piece per 10 lvls. i plan to roll a shaman or hunter. i have money on both factions so i dont care which one we roll on. im openminded and willing to play on an rp server if u want. i play from 6 to 11 pm eastern weekdays and

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    pretty much all day on weekends. i have vent too. pm me if youre interested. :]

    sorry for grammar and double post, im writing this from a psp.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    I am looking for a RAF Partner when the new flying mount hits.

    Would pay your repairs until I get the mount, then I probally wouldn't be doing it anymore, but who knows, I've been wanting to level a mage lol.
    Would rather not have to pay the $65 and have myself a second acount for that mount so yeah

    PM me if your serioulsy interested
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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Once the new mount comes out I would very much like a RAF partner. I would probably want to level a priest, dont mind where altho my mains are on Dragonblight, would quite like a horde, we can lvl to 60 together in a couple of days, then go our seperate ways, even on several chars! I have always wanted to lvl a priest but lvls 1-60 are so dull I want to cry lol.

    I would like the new mount and a new char too, as Ive said, dont mind what server, PM me! Im megasexy

    Have a vent server too, available most days. PM me for more info!
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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    I am looking for a partner to recruit. I have an 80 warrior with plenty of cash to buy you things such as bags and i will happily run you through dungeons and be your pocket healer on alts. We will be playing on the US Server Dragonmaw at around 7-10ish weekday nights and pretty much most mornings and evenings on weekends. Also come summer i will be available to play frequently. This server is PST and so are the above times. Please only send me a message if you are actually interested and intend to purchase at least a two month game card. Thanks! PM me any time.

    P.S. I play on the Alliance so if you want to play Horde and/or on a different server I won't be able to supply you with cash/crafted items but only with my company and help
    I also have Ventrillo, Teamspeak and all those things so PM me for details.

    Thanks and feel free to PM me any time,


    Proud Member of Respected and Despised (SWTOR USA PST Empire).
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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Hello im also looking for RAF partner ;D
    realm: Drak'thul, Chromaggus or Burning Blade
    faction: Horde
    I currently have 4 80s. I can send some money and bags. PM me anytime.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Looking for someone to recruit me!

    Current Faction: Alliance but... I'd prefer to go Horde, either works though.
    Current Server: Hakkar, I have 4 level 80's on Hakkar, but I'd prefer a new server as Hakkar is low pop (and full of BADS)
    Playtime Hours: 4 P.M. - 1 A.M. Central Time (Weekdays & Weekends), Weekends varies due to work.
    I am looking for someone who WILL pay for my mounts / my gear / training / whatever else I need.
    In return for you paying for all I need with your gold you will get the mount.
    I would like to level TWO or more charactor's a Paladin and then a Hunter.
    I would like to level them fast and have them both level 80 before Cata hits as I would like to play a Paladin as my main in Cata.
    I will also stick around on whatever server we choose to run randoms and gear up with you if you'd like.
    I am willing to start a new account and pay for my TBC and WotLK, so please be seriously interested.
    I will NOT pay for the twos months until we have at least one level 80 OR two level 60's just to make sure you don't take my money and run.

    P.S. Send me a PM if your seriously interested.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    I'm looking to recruit someone in the summer months to do RaF (starting May 21st.) I realize this is a ways away, but I figured I'd give it a shot anyways. I have two 80's so far, lots of gold, and will have lots of free time after the 21st. I can supply pretty much whatever you need to level, and I'm willing to level support classes (priest, warrior, shaman) to make instancing faster.

    On a side note, if you let me recruit you and you pay for the initial game key, I'd seriously consider paying for the two months with a minor change of contract. Let me know if you're interested.

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