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    I play on US Area 52-Horde and Bloodhoof/Duskwood-Alliance. I don't have anything special, but I'm online whenever I'm not at work. I'll give you full bags and pay for all your mount training! Happy to leave you alone, carry you, talk to you, or whatever.


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    Looking to recruit people, we split the cost (you pay 1 month, I pay you 1 month).

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    ill help you with gold and what ever you need.
    korgath alliance in game name is GÜZ
    also own a large guild with lots of great people that also help
    pm me for my bnet
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    Looking to recruit people
    Main on Argent Dawn EU Alliance, but have horde characters also

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    Hey hey, 10 year player looking to recruit some new (or old) peeps to the game!

    Server: Kazzak-EU; Horde side

    What I offer:
    - I will level with you all the way to lvl 120 on at least 1 character!
    - Once you ding lvl 21, I will give you 10000 gold and 4 30 slot bags!
    - Once we hit 120, you get another 20000 gold to help you out!
    - When you purchase your first 2 months of game time, I will pay for the 3rd month! (this will be done by trading you enough gold to buy a wow token at the time)

    Bonus: I'm also open on rolling fresh with you on another server, any faction, tho if you choose this option you will NOT GET the 30k gold mentioned above or the 4 bags.
    I will tho level to max with you and give you that month of game time!

    I will also be there to help you out with anything you might need as you get acquainted with this awesome game!

    Interested? :P

    Then hit my recruitment link and PM me here on MMO-champ to get started xD

    RECRUITMENT LINK: https://battle.net/recruit/JCJQD2XDLH

    See you in Azeroth!
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    If you haven't played for the last 2 years or you're ready to play from a scratch - let me recruit you, I'll pay your sub. PM.

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    Recruitment of the Frozen Wastes (RAF)

    Hello to everyone who is planning to start a journey into World of Warcraft. I would like to present my Recruit of Friend (RAF) program offer to anyone who might be interested. This comes from a player with 15+ years of playing experience accross different expansions including both PvE and PvP aspects of the game.

    I have recruited 10+ people using the old RaF program and I am looking to get more new players on board using the new and updated Recruit of Friend system. While both RAF programs have one big disadvantage - the recruited person does not receive any rewards, I have created my own rewarding system for the new player:

    1. As soon as you hit level 21 you will receive:
    • 4 big 20 slot bags to make sure you never run out of inventory slots
    • 5000 gold to help you until you reach the next reward level
    • 1 heirloom item Touch of the Void. This item will stay forever in your collection and you can use it on other characters as well. It grants a good amount of versatility which increases you total damage done and decreases the damage you take from all sources.

    2. At level 60 you will receive 10, 000 gold.
    3. At level 80 you will receive 10, 000 gold.
    4. At level 100 you will receive 10, 000 gold.

    Additional rewards:
    As I am the person who recruits you I will also receive rewards depending on how much game time you purchase. With every month game time you purchase I receive a reward so for each reward received I will give you an additional 10, 000 gold up to 120, 000 or (12 months of game time loaded).

    One of the strong parts of the Recruit of Friend program is the bonus experience we get if we play together. I can also level with you though you need to consider that I might not be available all the time. There are diffferent leveling modes that you can choose from:
    • Dungeons - this is absolutely the fastest way to level since you do not have any downtime for the simple reason that I can play a tank or a healer which means we get instant queues
    • Questing - this is the true nature of the game so if you want to really feel the adventure this is the way to go. It might be just a bit slower than the dungeon option but it gives you a unique feeling
    • PvP - you can in fact level using battlegrounds however this is probably the worst option simply because it is not guaranteed that you will win the game and if you lose you get a much smaller amount of experience so you might end up spending too much time for no experience

    Click on the RAF link HERE

    See you in World of Warcraft

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    [eu alliance / horde lf raf partner]

    [EU ALLIANCE / HORDE ] Hi! As you can read in the title, I'm looking for new players to play with, with the benefits of the RAF system. I play WoW since 2010 actively, so you can ask me about anything about the game. Please use my link if you want to join: battle.net/recruit/ZGPZS6XD8C. Also, you can add me on battle.net : lukitheone#2468

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    Warcraft, looking for a RAF partner?
    Is anybody looking for a RAF partner? I am willing to be recruited. Don't really care about the server/faction, just want to level a toon to 60. Ready to start whenever.

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    I play on OCE, and I main Alliance but have a horde toon too, and am happy to roll a new character if you'd prefer. Please use battle.net/recruit/BB7BSGDVM5 if you're interested

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    hey guys !

    im looking to Recruit someone to game ! (EU)
    i have been playing wow since TBC and have alot of experience...
    so i dont mind helping u learn the game if u r new
    i'll give u bags and gold to buy mount riding skills
    and when u buy 2 months of game time for your own account i will give u 100000 gold from me ! yep thats right 100k gold !
    sadly i cant buy battle chest or any other thing for u...

    my main chars r in kazzak horde side but i can give u that gold in most of realms !

    so if u r interested contact me on my email : mojtaba.k.379@gmail.com

    or u could just use blizzard RaF link : https://eu.battle.net/account/creati...rid=MCCHWW6QRL
    as the link can expire ! send me an email ! and i'll give u new link

    thx :-)
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    anyone able to give me the gold to buy that mount with the action house on it in turn for RaF ? ill do it on EU all the way up to 12 months . On Horde side maybe alliance just something high pop plez

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    wrote you to PM

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