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    Looking to give away my scrolls of resurrection -- please message me your character name/realm or email!

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    Quote Originally Posted by royo View Post
    Recruiting someone on Frostmane EU Horde PVP. Will provide gold for spells, mounts, bags as well as instance runs and a L25 guild. PM me, looking to start ASAP.
    It would seem I'm still looking for someone serious.

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    I'm looking to recruit someone on the US Blackrock realm, horde side. I'm only looking to make ONE character and no more. I'm on PCT zone. I'd prefer you be as well.

    What I can provide:
    -Guild with the xp buff
    -Vent if wanted
    -Knowledge of the game
    -PLENTY of game time (except nights)
    -Gold for training/mounts (not the epic one)

    What you MUST provide:
    -18+ no dumb asses that are 16 but think they're mature, ran into problems there
    -Provide your own game keys up to 80
    -Plenty of game time, enough to get this over with in 1-3 days
    -Depending on our que time for random dungeons i expect to be questing in the mean time, not sitting around for 15+ minutes waiting

    If I receive some half ass message with "Ill do it, raf me!" that's an automatic no for me. SERIOUS people only! Don't waste my time.

    i plan on rolling a tank, you can make whatever you want, i don't care. Like i stated if we're not getting instant ques then we'll be questing so be okay with that.

    Interested? PM me and i'll get back to you asap.

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    I would like to recruit someone on EU-Aggramar realm alliance side.

    What I can offer?
    - player with 4 year experience
    - 9 toons leveled up to at least lvl70
    - 15k gold (for trainers, mounts, bags etc.) except I'm willing to pay the gold required for your necessary needs as fast as I can, and the rest after you buy your prepaid
    - pretty much a lot of time to lvlup our toons untill November
    - boosts
    - fast leveling
    - help with enchants, gems, instance farming after you reach lvl 85 (I have few characters with all of the professions available and most of the patterns, designs etc. etc. as well as 2 chars with tanking specs, which for me means instant heroics entries)
    - I can also offer a help with PvP arenas (2v2) to get some conquest points, but it doesn't mean that I will boost you till 1800 rating or something ;> it's just about geting your arena conquest points cap before it resets, sorry, I'm not that good at PvP ;p
    - I will probably be able to get you invite to the guild im actually in. It's lvl25 guild, which means we'll have all available perks including: 10% additional exp from killing monsters and completing quests, 20% less durability lose when dying, 10% additional mount speed, reduced HS cooldown and in addition to RaF summoning ability we'll have additional summoning every 2hours

    What I would like you to contribute to our leveling?
    - of course, most important thing, your own game cd-keys (I don't care if it's just classic+tbc or all the expansions, I will help you with all the leveling you need)
    - you provide yourself gametime needed for leveling
    - I have a lot of time untill November, it means that I can help you whenever you like during this time, but after this my time which I can spend playing WoW might be drastically reduced
    - you should be mature person (especially that I will be responsible for your guild invite), with at least minimum English language knowledge. It doesn't matter how old are you, as long as your behaviour towards my guild mates, my friends and all the WoW community on this realm is impeccable.

    Please, PM me if you're interested or you would like to know more details/ask additional questions.

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    Giving away scrolls of Resurrection PM me your email

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weapon Vendor View Post
    EU recruit being called to arms!

    And i am looking for you to be that recruit!

    Moonglade EU and Defias Brotherhood is the servers where you will benefit the most, doing a realm change is up to you at a later time!

    What i can provide: Gold for your essentials! Bags? Check! Skills? Check! Dual Specc? Check! Flying mount, the slow one, check! And cold weather flying!
    What else can i provide?
    LOTS OF TIME, more then 1 character to 80!
    If you are new to the game i am willing to teach, been playing for 4-5 years!
    I am generally a nice person and usually in a good mood.
    Lets not forget the level 25 guild i can provide us with!(Moonglade)
    (If on Defias)Will take some time to get the gold, my friend who plays there will not return for a few days, but he will provide me with it at a later point.
    I will also provide you with Vanilla and TBC(after that my bank explodes with the force of a thousand dying suns)

    What do you need to do?
    Buy your own Wotlk CD-key if you wanna go beyond 70!
    Your own gametime!(dont forget the free month, which become an extra month of fun and excitement!)
    Your free time, i cant provide you with that!
    And a good attitude, or atleast a good pokerface!

    This is what i can offer! Moonglade or Defias Brotherhood! IF you wanna do a fresh start we can do that on any EU realm on any side! I am willing to do like you want!

    Either throw me a PM or add me on skype: big-t-mf
    I did not accept anyone who wanted due to sudden changes in my economy. But i am now back on track and looking for someone! I have updated it with new info!

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    Recruited. sorry
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    So you wanna roll a Horde Rogue/Druid on a PVP Realm?

    Well then, why not roll on the BEST, BIGGEST, and most damn Hordie realm their is?


    That's right ladies and gentle-orcs, now is the time! AB weekend is coming, would it not be sick to have a lvl 80 ready to go on friday, stealth around the BG, score your 85 with full honor and JP. Then go and WRECK some alliance on the BEST Horde Server in the US time zone. Stealth it up!

    Well lets get to the details because i know all you Ambushing kitty mewing boyo's and chica's are dieing to start!

    *Bring your Keys - I got the ingame gold, k's worth! Plus a lvl 25 guild speed us up a bit. Full availability and a winning sexy laugh...wait...nvm the sexy part!
    *Bring your Time- We are gonna get our Stealth on, if you want a kitty or rogue its aaalll good, i got the exp since running from Garr like a little biotch all the way to cheering at the Arthas death cinematic. Are you prepared?
    *Bring your...FOR THE HORDE!!

    Contact me via phone call or Text, easier, and FASTER! Lets rock hard my fellow red-in-the-black wearing Horde brother/sister!


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    "Patience, Strength, Beauty, Discipline"

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    Looking to recruit somebody on the US REALMS! We can roll on any decent PvP-oriented server you like, I'd prefer to level Alliance but Horde is ok. You must provide your own keys up to LK, please PM me asap. I can provide you with 2000gold up front and a decent leveling guild! PM PLEASE so we can discuss times asap! I'm not in a rush, looking to get 80 within a day or two! PM ME!
    (Sorry, I know, the gold isn't a lot but we can make more as we level).

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    Hi everyone, I am looking forward to recruit one or more players. I also have a couple of Scroll Of Resurrections to give away. I am currently playing Ragnaros-EU (Alliance), but I dont mind Horde if you prefer them instead.

    What I can offer to those I recruit:

    - help all the way up to lvl 85 (even after the bonus exp expired), also if you want to, we can create more characters, until the 90 days of bonus exp expires, and I will level with you.
    - help with getting your gear (helping in hcs bgs and so on)
    - some gold to help you start your character(s).
    - if you need something I can create/do with my professions, I will do it for free (materials not included), if we remain friends this service will be provided as long as you play the game
    - bonuses if you help me get the rocket mount

    Please be aware that I am not going to buy you the game or gametime, those you need to get for yoruself, although you will get some free playtime because of joining. Make sure you have free time to play aswell because I cannot help you with that either.

    Please be serious about it, I don't mind if you are a younger fellow, but write me a detailed PM, not just a short note to raf you, I do not want to waste any invitations, the same applies for the SOEs. I am usually lvling as a tank or healer if the class allows me to do so, because of that you can expect short ques for dungeons and we can also do quests that means we will lvl very fast, I am also up to low lvl bgs if you want to do some. Thank you!
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    Looking to give away my Scroll of Resurrections(5). Text my phone @ 630-352-1735 with your email address, and I will send the scroll immediately. No phone calls please.

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    Looking to recruit someone on Arthas (Horde)

    What I can provide:
    -Gold for ground mounts and normal flyer (no epic)

    All you would need is to supply your own keys.

    I have 4 weeks before I start back to college so we can cram in as many toons as you wish up til then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlucill View Post
    Looking to give away scrolls of resurrection.
    Pm me with name and email address. Thanks
    I am still looking!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angrybathtub View Post

    Looking to recruit somebody on the US REALMS! We can roll on any decent PvP-oriented server you like, I'd prefer to level Alliance but Horde is ok. You must provide your own keys up to LK, please PM me asap. I can provide you with 2000gold up front and a decent leveling guild! PM PLEASE so we can discuss times asap! I'm not in a rush, looking to get 80 within a day or two! PM ME!
    (Sorry, I know, the gold isn't a lot but we can make more as we level).

    still looking for somebody! pm me

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    Hello looking to recruit some one for the server perenolde all i ask is that u lvl at lease 1 charter here then ill go to what ever server u need will provide vent and gold not much gold but enough for mounts and skills. i have alot of play time. and am willing to play up to 24 hour sessions. if u are interested message me either here on mmo champion or pst me in game on Febreze server alexstrasza or Blackblueicy from perenolde both on the US servers and alliance . the quicker the better. will be on all night.

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    Still looking to give away my scrolls of resurrection! PM me with the necessary details. My subscription runs out soon so this is as much for me as it is for you!

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    Looking to recruit to Sylvanas EU.

    Offering items to get started with after you pay for the vanilla, and 20k gold after you pay for at least one month of game time.

    I can also level your character myself if you want me to, or I can boost us through instances to get it done faster.

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    I provide:
    4 years of wow experience
    plenty of gold for mounts, abilities, etc
    lots of playtime to get as many characters to 80 as possible
    Playing tank or healer so we can que for dungeons quickly
    you provide:
    all keys and timecards
    lots of time to level
    good attitude

    send me a PM if interested i will check every few hours, Hope to hear from you!

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    Looking for someone to recruit on EU realms i'm very active and can play many hours a day I dont care about realm or faction it's your choice you just have to get cd keys and gametime for yourself and if we play on one of mine realms I can get someone to boost us+ i will buy us bag and mounts up to 310% mount and money to train with if you are interested please add my skype or post here my skype name is :Alexandermoeller1
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    Giving away scrolls of resurrection! You can contact me through:

    AIM: ch0d0x (I may be mobile but that is fine)
    Or you can send me a PM here, thanks!

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