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    Just wonderin if anyone is excited as about the Halo:reach multiplayer beta and game as i am :P

    lemme hear what you think about what you have heard/seen/read about the game

    i think its gonna be great fun and all the new crap they are addin is gonna make it even more fun :P
    Its a crazy world out there, luckily i rarely see, expierience or go out into it cause ive got my own world.....of warcraft

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    Re: Halo:Reach

    Yeah I really like Halo. The multiplayer is great (in concept) but in execution it's ruined. Nothing but a bunch of shity elitest 13 year olds who think "DOI DEY'RE DA SNIPOR KENGS DOIIIIIIIIIIIII" who get asshurt when you just blow them away with the shotgun or run them hover in a mongoose honking. No sportsmanship.

    But from what I hear, Reach will not only have Sprint (fucking finally) but it will have sort of Gears of War style melee kills. I just hope they fix that crouching issue every Halo game has had. What kind of shit is having to completely stop moving in order to lower yourself down? It gets prety jerky.

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    Re: Halo:Reach

    Have to say halo reach makes multiplayer so much better than the previous halos imo.

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