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    Character Creation

    If you're new to Roleplaying and creating characters to roleplay with, hopefully this will help you out. It's formatted as a list for your viewing pleasure (and to reduce the inevitable wall of text that guides have). If you have any questions concerning this guide, please don't hesitate to contact a moderator or one of our fellows on our IRC channel. Enjoy!

    ~The Template~ When making your first character, you should try using a template. Personally, I like using the following as a basic template to sort out my thoughts.

    Name: Your character's name (If you are unsure of what's an appropriate name for your character, see Khorianas' guide to names )

    Age: How old your character is (If you don't know how long your character's race lives, see Wowpedia's Racial Lifespans page)

    Race: Your character's race. Note, this can be any race from the game, not just the playable ones.

    Gender: Your character's gender, IE: male, female, or neuter (for things without gender, such as the faceless ones)

    Languages: This is where you list/describe the languages your character knows. Keep in mind that it's probably a little more complicated than in-game as to what languages your character knows. Just be as realistic as possible. The languages a character knows would depend on their history (like if an elf lived for a long time with the dwarves or gnomes), and how educated they are (as some old magic tomes are only in thalassian, for example). If your character is more of a diplomat, they may know many languages, but always be cautious if your character knows or does too much, as that can get annoying.

    Class: This is your character's class. Note that it doesn't have to be an in-game class.

    Faction: The faction your character belongs to (NOTE: this only refers to USER-MADE FACTIONS ONLY! Please see our Factions page for more information regarding custom factions)

    Personality: Your character's personality. Just give a brief (or not so brief if you prefer) description of what your character is like.

    Likes/Dislikes: What your character likes or dislikes, fairly simple.

    Appearance: This is where you describe how your character looks, from his/her facial structure to his/her clothing.(If you have some pictures of your character and/or his or her's weapons, link/post them here!)

    Strengths/Weaknesses: Does your character have any weaknesses or strengths? Write them down here.

    History: This is where you write down your character's background. How he or she grew up, their travels, how they became the person they are. Try and make the history as original as possible, stay away from lore figures, and try to be as close to the lore as possible. (Here's a Timeline, if you wanted one to reference major points in warcraft lore while keeping your character accurate.) (If you don't know about something in the Lore that might be important for your character, use Wowpedia to look it up.)

    For history, personality, and appearance, if you've only just joined us, you don't need to write too much. For the beginner RP's, you don't even need them!

    And for those of you who are lazy and don't want to rewrite the template, here it is for you!
    Note: If you don't like this style of template for sorting out your thoughts, you can always use the Q&A Format created by Vermiliel. Please note that this style only works if you put in a good bit of detail, as in more than one or two sentences.

    ~Characters and Signatures~ If you do make a character, you should make a link to it in your signature. If you have quite a few characters, like some of the older roleplayers, make a thread listing them (Page Example). You don't have to do any of this, of course, but it's nice and keeps everything organized. If you want it to be a bit more vibrant, here's some colors for you to use! Also, when our character talk, we generally use the same color used in our signature/character list. This isn’t mandatory, but it is a nice way to differentiate characters, especially if you are RPing more than one in the same post.

    ~Color codes for characters~
    Death Knight [color=#C41F3B]
    Druid [color=#FF7D0A]
    Hunter [color=#ABD473]
    Mage [color#69CCF0]
    Paladin [color=#F58CBA]
    Priest [color=#736F6E]
    Rogue [color=#ddaa00]
    Shaman [color=#0070DE]
    Warlock [color=#9482C9]
    Warrior [color=#C79C6E]
    Color-picker for other (custom) classes
    If you forget the color codes for your character, if you don't use a custom one, just pop by here and copy-paste 'em.
    How to use: [color=____]Name of Character[/color]
    the code for the color you want goes in the ____ in the first part of the code

    Now that you know how to make a character, check out our sticky on joining and starting a RP so you can put that character to good use! Happy roleplaying!
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