Name: Vermiliel Mauritius Dawnguardian
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Blood Knight
Age: 146
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 121 lb.

Born into the Dawnguardian family some 119 years before the Orcs first used the Dark Portal and crossed into Azeroth, Mauritius was destined to become a member of the Church of Light. The Dawnguardian family had long been known as one of the few High Elven families to actively take part in the largely human philosophy. Mauritius led a fairly normal childhood, playing with friends in Eversong Woods and spending his nights watching the stars over Silvermoon City.

At age 86, Mauritius' younger sister, Dalanar, was born. Despite their moderate age difference (as far as High Elven lifespans go) Mauritius and Dalanar were near inseperable. Mauritius began training as a blacksmith around this time, and it is through his blacksmithing master that he first met his future wife, Alleria Swiftrunner.

Mauritius and Alleria enjoyed many years of courtship, and eventually married at the young age of 98. At age 102 Alleria gave birth to their daughter, Saltheria.

When Uther the Lightbringer became the first Paladin of the Silver Hand, Mauritius knew he had to journey to Lordaeron to study this new, more active, branch of the Holy Light. Leaving his wife and daughter in Silvermoon, he went to earn his place as a Knight of the Silver Hand.

Sadly, while studying in Lordaeron, Prince Arthas became corrupted and returned to kill his father and claim Lordaeron as his own. He and his army of Scourge marched north through the lands of Quel'Thalas, and through Silvermoon City itself, to use the power of the Sunwell to resurrect the Necromancer Kel'Thuzad. Along the way, they slaughtered any and all in their path, even going so far as to kill and then raise Ranger General Sylvanas Windrunner as a banshee.

Not expecting Arthas to assault his homeland, Mauritius was in Stormwind, trying to help the other refugees from Lordaeron. As soon as he recievec word that Quel'Thalas was under attack, he raced for the gates of Quel'Thalas. He was quite late for the battle however, as Arthas had already pushed through, ressurected Kel'Thuzad, and returned to Northrend.

Mauritius could hardly believe the destruction he saw as he made his way through what is now the Ghostlands, and into Eversong Forest on his way to Silvermoon. Even more so was he distraught when he finally did reach his homeland. Nearly all his friends and family were dead. Gone forever at the hands of Arthas and his unholy army. Only one member of his family remained. Dalanar, his younger sister, who was at this time a mere 51 years old, little more than a child in High Elven society.

It wasn't long before Prince Kael'Thas Sunstrider declared the remaining High Elves to be Blood Elves, in honor of their fallen kinsman. Mauritius' anger toward Arthas was a strong driving factor behind his decision to follow Kael'Thas' decision. However, not all of the High Elves agreed with the direction Kael'Thas was taking them, and friends of the Dawnguardian family saw fit to take Dalanar from Silvermoon and prevent the "taint" of the Blood Elves from corrupting her young sight.

Having lost everyone in his life, Mauritius threw himself into battling the Scourge, and soon came upon a group calling themselves the Scarlet Crusade, who were dedicated to eradicating the hideous spawn of Arthas. However, it soon became apparent to Mauritius that the Scarlet Crusade's policy of "kill undead on sight, and if you are unsure, assume it is undead and kill it anyway" was leading to too many innocent deaths. The final breaking point from the Crusade came when, as part of a group of raiders "cleansing" the Western Plaguelands, Mauritius came across the reanimated and unthinking corpse of his wife. Being forced to cut down one of the most important people in his life did not help Mauritius' fragile state of mind, and he abandoned the Scarlet Crusade and returned home to Silvermoon.

Since the desecration of the Sunwell and the becoming of Blood Elves, the Light had begun to lessen its power toward them. It was then that the order of Blood Knights was founded. Instead of receiving their power from the Light, the Blood Knights began to forcefully take the Light. Mauritius once again began to practice his faith and focus hiss resolve. He realized that he alone could not gain vengeance against Arthas, and when the call for the Blood elves to join the Horde came, he supported it wholeheartedly.

He journeyed to Orgrimmar to pledge his loyalty to Warchief Thrall, and and to find more people with whom he could assault Arthas. For the better part of a week, Mauritius frequented the taverns of Orgrimmar, seeking others who shared his hatred. It was in one such tavern that he encountered a young Troll, who nearly started a fight that may or may not have ended well for him. Mauritius took his leave to keep the peace, but the next night as he returned to the tavern, the young Troll approached him again. Mauritius prepared himself for a fight. Curiously however, the Troll bowed his head and spoke.

"I'm sorry mon, brothers of the Horde shouldn't be fightin, I'll join your guild. My name is Grustabeerg Darkspear, Shaman of Sen'Jin." Taken aback by the words of what was supposed to be his racial enemy, Mauritius realized that this shaman was right. Race meant nothing once you joined the Horde. All are brothers under Thrall. He smiled and bowed his head.

"Well met, Horde-Brother. I am Mauritius Dawnguardian, Blood Knight of Quel'Thalas. Welcome to the Crimson Brotherhood." Mauritius and Grustabeerg formed the Crimson Brotherhood and began to assemble like-minded individuals to their cause.

The first of these was Professor Bonzo, the patriarch of the Bonzo clan of Tauren. A most formidable druid, Bonzo helped Mauritius and Grustabeerg through many a tough time. Later, a Blood Elf by the name of Rathamais joined their ranks, bringing the demonic powers of a warlock into their fold. Other members came and went, and eventually an Orcish shaman named Aordis, a previous acquaintance of the Professor, joined the Brotherhood.

With Arthas' recent and sudden return to the forefront of the world, many new things are occurring. Many Death Knights have broken away from the Lich King and rejoined their respective factions. A few even came seeking the Brotherhood, in attempt to join up and take the fight to Arthas, but Mauritius refused them acceptance. Being a Death Knight implies a fundamental and willing betrayal of everything and everyone that the person was, and Mauritius simply will not allow a person with such a past into his inner circle.

After Arthas' reemergence, the Brotherhood journeyed to Northrend and are testing their skills against Arthas' lesser minions, as he has not seen fit to join the fray himself. Sequestered in Icecrown Citadel, it is uncertain when Arthas will open the doors to his stronghold and make his presence known.

There are, unfortunately, depressing things that Mauritius does not know, but that I will detail here because I've taken the time to think of them.

Mauritius' daughter, Saltheria, still lives. She was in Silvermoon with her mother when the Scourge attacked, and she was forced to watch her mother being killed and resurrected. However, having been indoctrinated in the Holy Light since her birth, the 39 year old Saltheria, used very rudimentary magic to repel her now undead mother and the other undead surrounding her. Impressed with the power of such a young girl, one of Arthas' lieutenants took her to train as a member of the Scourge.

At first unwilling, Saltheria eventually grew to see that her father had abandoned them to their fate for his silly study of the Light. She turned her back on the Light and instead placed her faith in the Scourge. She became a powerful Necromancer and, eventually, she joined the ranks of the Death Knights.

Woe to the day that Mauritius and Saltheria once again encounter each other. Fighting each other is almost a certainty, and, with the fragile state that Mauritius is still in, being forced to kill his only daughter will surely drive him mad.