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    If there's going to be a US branch for a Cata project, I would love to join in, We could use some good people on Ravencrest, Maybe get above some rp servers...

    Just a suggestion.
    Oh... A Twilight/Wow Cross over RP huh?... Alright, I'll join in, My name is Bae'noukul, I'm a 36,978 year old Demon Warlock. I walk into the room where everything is happening now, and because I need to have one weakness I DIE ON THE SPOT. Three guesses as to what my weakness was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookies_N_Creme View Post
    If there's going to be a US branch for a Cata project, I would love to join in, We could use some good people on Ravencrest, Maybe get above some rp servers...

    Just a suggestion.
    There already exists an Alliance offset of the <Undergeared> project. They operate on the Alliance on the Forgotten Coast realm. They have a forum, a blog and a recruitment post on the realm forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quiz View Post
    Keep up the good work, will you continue with this at Cataclysm?
    Gevlon has, on occasion, talked about continuing the project for Cataclysm. On my behalf, I'll transfer my shaman to my main realm when Cata hits (or we finish ICC, whichever comes first) and if I do join the Cata version of the project it will be on a different class.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ardoRic
    You argue that you need gear to compensate stupidity, I argue that you shouldn't take stupid to your raids.

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    my submarine. it's long, hard and full of seamen.
    you guys are awesome, much love and respect to you!

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    Under your bed >:)
    I can imagine the raids:
    hunter: Ooh sweet he dropped a bow, can I have it?
    Tank: Yh ok
    hunter: <equips>
    Raid leader: WTF?
    hunter: What?
    RL: Your GS is over 5k now
    hunter: oh... so what does this mean?
    RL: It means your defeating the point that we can do it without gear.
    hunter: um...
    RL: you now have a good gs... **** off

    no seriously, that is a very good idea

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    Ok first, I have to say that being able to clear as much as you have (even if it is normal), is very impressive and I applaud what you're doing.

    A couple of comments tho:
    1) I don't really see the point in no voice communication. Imo, it pretty much goes directly against your goal of proving that skill > gear. Voice comms is part of skill. Not using Voice comms just makes things unnecessarily harder on your raid with no real benefit to proving your goal and removes a lot of the socializing for your raid. Considering that your guild, specifically, would be a highly bonded because of your goal, this one thing is probably killing a very significant part of the fun factor for your guild and might be hurting your recruitment/member retention as well. I might would be interested in trying out what you're doing if it wasn't for this single point.

    2) Forced re-rolling. Why? Same as point one, your goal is to prove that skill > gear, yet this seems to be pretty detrimental to that. And again, I imagine a fair bit of raiders are perfectly happy with their class/spec and would want to try your method out otherwise.

    3) 10 mans. While I get that the audience for your goal is mostly meant to prove the point to casuals, who focus on 10 mans more, your point would be more effective, imo, by doing it on 25 mans, which are harder and considered the primary tier of raiding. And yes, I did note your recruitment problems. Given 1 & 2, I'd say some of that problem is your own fault.

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