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    mass effect 1 vs masseffect 2


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    Re: mass effect 1 vs masseffect 2

    Mass Effect 1 Was a bit boring and repeatable in some cases in compare with Mass effect 2 which was more Action oriented RPG game. So I vote Mass Effect 2 which is by far the best game. its More excited , more Interesting and keeps you busy till the end.

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    Re: mass effect 1 vs masseffect 2

    I've recently started to play through ME1 and I like it a lot so far. Maybe a bit linear though, but I hope that'll change later on.

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    Re: mass effect 1 vs masseffect 2

    Some thing brought ME1 down, all that fucking driving, back and forth and it wasn't even that hard. You got so many weapons, most of them weren't so good.
    I'm yet to complete ME2, but as far as I've gone, I've had a really great times, strongly recomending playing 1 before though, many of the great things about it is nostalgia. The only thing that I think is better on ME1 is infact the level system where you have more points and more tallents to spend.
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    Re: mass effect 1 vs masseffect 2

    ME1 had a great mission experiances. But had TERRIBLE side mission experiances. Yay for bland landscapes to drive the MAKO over (And up cliffs). Had a lot of RPG in it. Great game overall.

    ME2, in my opinion, got to much Gears of War in it, and too little RPG. But it doesn't mean it wasn't a bad game. I had a blast with it and hope other games follow in its footsteps.

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    Re: mass effect 1 vs masseffect 2

    Completed both of them on Insanity and numerous times on various difficulties, ME2 is the winner in my eyes.

    Bioware pretty much took everything bad from ME1 and did something with it, aka Inventory/weapons and general gameplay was improved. Also, ME1 had a gay ass health bar, wheras ME2 had the traditional FPS Healthbar, take cover, wait for extremities to grow back, ready to get back in, etc. Which I prefer myself, not one for stocking on med kits and stuff.

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    Re: mass effect 1 vs masseffect 2

    is there a jenkins in me2 too? ;D

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    Re: mass effect 1 vs masseffect 2

    ME2 was a better game.

    However, ME1 had a better main story. The sequel was all about the characters (this was not a bad thing).

    Also, ME1 had this, which is one of the most fantastic moments in recent gaming:

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