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    Nicknames: Val, Captain, Lord Sunshaper, The Executioner
    Full Name: Valkore Kiraz Sunshaper
    -Father: Kanthoram Sunshaper - an esteemed blacksmith that often made Val unique (and strong) armor
    -Mother: Miraya Cloudstrider (maiden name) - a healer at a Silvermoon hospital
    Relationships: Alvorahz - his brother
    Age: Adult
    Race: Blood Elf
    Gender: Male
    Class: Death Knight
    Personality: Racist, stubborn
    Valkore Kiraz Sunshaper grew up living a simple life of hard work. He lived on a farm in the Eversong Woods, and since he was the elder brother he had to help his father with the work. His mother stayed at home most of the time, caring for Val's younger brother, Alvorahz. Although he had a great amount of common sense, Val didn't receive a very good education. His father taught him how to work the farm, and taught him words in Thalassian, their native language. His mother taught him how to cook and how to use first aid, in case anything ever happened to his parents. He did not know how to write, nor how to read. However, Val managed to get by just fine on the farm with this education.
    One day, Val woke to a rumbling in the distance. Dwarves were invading. His family had warned him of the atrocities of the Alliance. He quickly woke his family, and they gathered what few belonging they could grab. Then they fled to Silvermoon. Valkore had never been there before, and he was amazed by the beauty of the city. He was even more amazed by the guards. When they helped calm his family down and bring them to a place to live in for the time being, Val had already decided what he wanted to do when he grew up. He would be a guard.
    The Sunshapers managed to get by in their new home. His dad quickly grew to appreciate blacksmithing, and became one himself. His mother, seeing what hurt the Alliance could bring, became a nurse at a hospital in Silvermoon City. Alvorahz and Val were able to be sent to school, Alvorahz still young at the time. Val was soon out of school, though, and he applied to join the Silvermoon Guard. He was accepted, and stationed in Murder Row.
    Valkore's job was not easy. After all, it was Murder Row. His parents feared for him, but they knew he was a strong elf, and he would not go down easily. After a few months, things seemed to calm down. But things were not safe everywhere. A new war had broken out...
    The Scourge were invading. They had found a new leader - Arthas. The once-esteemed paladin of Lordaeron was now a scourge beast. It was insane. The Scourge had formed a large grip on Northrend. The Horde was looking for more recruits to fight the war. Valkore decided to enlist. He was assigned to the Horde's 15th Infantry, and served with pride. After all, what was greater than fighting for the Horde? They were driving the Scourge back, fighting battle after battle. It was horrifying, though, fighting the Scourge. One battle, they were fighting in Dragonblight. They were in their camp in the hills, resting, and all of a sudden the alarm sounded. The Scourge was ambushing them. Val ran to his tent, only to see it burning. He looked to the right – ghouls were eating his friends. They looked up, tackled him, and killed him. The next thing he knew, he was in Archerus, as a death knight. He advanced through the ranks, and assisted in the rebellion against the Lich King. He was reinstated into the horde army.
    It was just in time, too. They were storming Naxxramas. His unit was assigned to the Arachnid Quarter, and he found even more horrors of the Scourge there. He could literally walk through the chambers and see bodies suspended by webs. They battled on, and eventually defeated their quarter. The invaders fought valiantly, and soon Naxxramas was taken.
    Naxxramas had been taken, but the war was far from over. He was assigned to the Wrathgate, Angrathar. A battle broke out, a long and bloody one. Suddenly, the Lich King revealed himself, ready to kill the invaders. And then it happened. The Forsaken unleashed the blight. They fired it down in barrels, killing hundreds with the atrocious liquid inside. Valkore was one of the few to survive. He swore vengeance against the Forsaken, horde or not.

    ((Work in progress))
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