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    Judgement Armor Set

    I have been working on my judgement armor set on my paladin mostly for the epicness of it and was wondering what weapon(s) or weapon shield combo would go great with it. Of course im talking of the Vanilla judgement set not the bc. Also im willing to get any legendary besides the ashbringer because not optainable sadly enough.

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    Shadowmourne ;D or Sulfuras
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    Draconic Maul, imo it matches the set very nicely

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    Lol yeah looking on a more Vanilla - Bc content so that it looks more like a warrior of the light kinda thing. Right now its Sulf for a 2h hand Thunderfury and lorderans shield for sword and board style. Any other suggestions doesnt have to be as epic as a legendary just something you would use

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    I finished my Sulfuras last week. Sadly I'm still missing 2 pieces of my t2. Once I finish it though, I'm gonna look badass.

    In other words, Sulfuras looks awesome with it if you can get it. Otherwise Herald of Woe is pretty good.
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    I have my full t2 set, and full BWL offset pieces. Sulfuras matches amazingly well with it, which i do have. But, I also think that Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood looks good too. I have yet to get Ashkandi.

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    I've got Sulfuras with my set. It's badass :O

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    The untamed blade or Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood. I personally like Ashkandi a bit more. Although it doesn't fit the war of the light thing I would go with Halberd of Smiting, . I have been a big fan of it since a war in my guild got it on our first bloodlord kill. If you haven't seen it in game it is big, really big... like so big the model sticks through all sorts of stuff because of it.

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    Sulfuras, Untamed Blade, Draconic Cleaver, Drake Talon Cleaver would be my preferences

    Im personally a huge fan of the untamed blade though, looks badass :P
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    How hard/easy would this be soloing... ?

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    I have to second (or third? whatever) the Draconic Maul. Was working on some art for a Paladin wearing Judgement wielding the Maul ... Maybe I'll actually go back and finish it sometime >.> Anyway, was my favorite weapon with that set.

    I also really like Hellreaver (that polearm from Hellfire Ramparts) and think it would go great with full Judgement as well.

    And of course, Sulfuras. Those would be my top 3.

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    Lok'amir il Romathis OR Scepter of the False Prophet though i prefer lok'amir with Red Dragonscale Protector, that combo in my opinion is SICK with judgement

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    Quel'Serrar (ofc a real Vanilla player would get the original, and not those Onyxia wanna be's!) + Royal Crest of Lordaeron

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    I have it with thunderfury and red dragonscale protector.

    Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight works also well.

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    Should go for full judgement + Thunderfury and the shield from Vaelastrasz
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    Quote Originally Posted by chalmerz View Post
    Shadowmourne ;D or Sulfuras
    I have both! Though I think Sulfuras goes better due to the colours. Shadowmourne goes way better (with a tabard of the Silver Hand) with Tier 6

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    Sulfuras if you can get it.
    I currently use (Herald of Woe) when I wear that armour, but most BWL weapons look good with it.

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