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    GASP! Boub's name is Fabien Bonte?

    btw i feel this is a great move. prehaps a MMO-Champion News feed addon?

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    Allright, I decided that I can't live without MMOC. I guess I'll wait and see what happens, giving Curse a chance. Boub and MMOC are just too good to give up on so fast.

    Added the Curse logo at the bottom to my block list though. Let's see how much more Curse we get in next few days/weeks.

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    Honestly i now feel bad for MLG cause i blocked their adds. I apologize to them and allready preparing my self for blocking everything which have sign curse or anything what is distributed by curse advertising channels.
    P.s. blocking/remving isnt slow if you guys use firefox, just download adblock, noscript and taco beef.

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    I'm neither positive nor negative to this change at the moment. I'll wait and see what happens before I render judgement.

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    Curse isn't well liked.
    As long as you still have some input and their evil corruption doesn't seep through, like the way Activision is affecting Blizzard, then it's all good.
    Or maybe you wanted some evil overlords for the exact purpose of being better able to understand Activision-Blizzard? I knew it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xtek View Post
    Since it seems that most of you don't read the post in the first place I'll make it clear. We're not going to charge for the content your used to, that's not going to change. Curse last year gave back over $200,000 to the Addon developer community.

    We're going to do our best to help Boub run the site better then he could ever before.
    So that's confirmation of upcoming "premium" mmo-champion content. Just wonderful. So glad I block all adds on curse and mmo-champion.

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    One thing I find amusing about all the hate is that Curse's ads are less space-hogging and intrusive than the ads on itself.

    If you're a World of Warcraft subscriber, you are paying to be shown ads.

    If you're a subscriber, you are paying to not be shown ads.

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    Awesome, so now MMO-Champion will just be covered in even more ads and banners!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wasniahC View Post
    Curse, the guys who blocked wowmatrix from updating addons from it?
    Then pretty much just ignored wowmatrix when they tried to contact curse about it, saying they would be nonprofit?

    And then curse made a curse client? That horribly slow thing?

    The Curse that offers paid premium services?

    You have sold your soul, Boubouille. YOUR SOUL.
    If I see any "premium" shit up here I'm going to be damn pissed, as will many others, though I'm fairly confident you won't let that happen
    What the hell do you mean you think he wont let that happen? The guys that own the site will do whatever they want to it if they are seeking a little extra profit. Boubouille going to say no? Think they will care?

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    Yay Curse is awesome!! and curse + mmo-champion = win

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