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    2000 (o.c) ?

    Thinking of buying the Asus P6X58D Premium in the end of the month.

    on the Ram support it has Triple-Channel DDR3 2000(O.C.) / 1333 / 1066 support.

    searching on google I found someone asking a similar question.
    He got the answer that it supports 2000Mhz memory modules if you overclock your motherboard.

    1: How exactly is this done?

    2: Is this the same as overclocking the memory and cpu? (with that value that I dont know the name of that OC's them both, xxx*z,z = Y Ghz for CPU)

    3: Im planning on using DDR3-2000Mhz 6Gb (3x2Gb set) of this type memory chips. Will these be supported by default or only if I overclock my motherboard? (see Qs:1)

    4: Will they run at 1333Mhz if I dont OC my MoBo?

    thanks in advance for help

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    1. See #2.
    2. Yes. When you overclock your CPU, you're changing base clock and voltages. These are controlled by and "running through" the motherboard.
    3. They will most likely be supported by default. You may wish to check the motherboard's memory compatibility listing though (usually found on the manufacturer's website).
    4. Yes. If you don't overclock your CPU, your RAM will run at 1333MHz. This is because by default, the base clock of a Core i CPU is 133MHz. The CPU multiplier is different, depending on model, to get you to the different clock speeds. Your RAM multiplier, by default, is 2:10 (or 1:5). That number means that for every 2MHz of base clock, your RAM will clock at 10MHz (5 times). So at 133MHz base clock, your RAM operates at 665MHz. The DDR (double data rate) factor doubles that, making it 10 times the base clock, or 1330MHz (usually effectively defaulting to 1333MHz).

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    Is it worth it to buy 2000Mhz memory chips if I have to overclock anyway? (plan was to not overclock these since they are fast enough from before) Could I like buy some 1600/1800Mhz modules and OC them to 2000? or would these not be suported?

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    Overclocking RAM is generally a bad idea. Some people like to do it, but in most cases, RAM is extremely fragile and overclocking it will either destroy it or at least make it horribly unstable.

    I would figure out your target for your CPU and go from there. If you're looking at trying to hit 4GHz (for example, 191MHz and 21x multiplier), then 2000MHz RAM would be good because you can leave the multiplier at 2:10 and have it run at 1910MHz. If you get 1600MHz RAM, you'd have to drop the multiplier to 2:8 and have it operate at 1528MHz. If you have 1333MHz RAM, you'd have to drop it further to 2:6 and have it operate at 1146MHz.

    This is pretty much assuming that there's no big difference in price. The performance difference between 1600MHz RAM and 2000MHz RAM may or may not be noticeable outside of benchmarks. I don't know that I'd say the difference is worth more than a few bucks here or there.

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    Running through the memory support list for the MoBo and I have a really hard time finding ANY 2000Mhz memory chips that has a 6Gb set and available in Norway. the ones I listed wasnt supported @ 2000Mhz according to the support list. Should I follow this list withouth doubt or are there chances that Asus havent tried that configuration and that it might work?

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    There's a good chance that Asus simply hadn't tested the exact module you were thinking of getting. 99% of the time, RAM will work in any motherboard (assuming matching socket, etc, etc). That 1% of the time that it doesn't, it might be a faulty stick or faulty motherboard, but the manufacturer will use its supported memory list to cover its ass when they run out of options. Essentially, it should be safe to get any RAM that you're looking at, but if you want to be 100% certain, then go with something from the supported memory list.

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    99% is 100% fine for me

    Thanks, It's awesome to have you around Cilraaz <3

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    Thanks Panser

    I had found those, but they werent on the Asus support list for that MoBo. now that I know that its 99% sure they will work anyway I had already decided on the Corsair XMS3's

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