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    Starcraft 2 help

    Hey there, I know this isn't exactly the kind of thing I should post here but I've sent blizzard an email (they replied but with the usual bullcrap of "oh reinstall this and that" which I did btw and it didn't work) but I have this annoying bug in starcraft 2 multiplayer.

    Whenever I get matched into a game the loading screen fails to appear, with me stuck with either "player found" or "zero" on the countdown timer...

    Any help with this? When I get into games they run fine but this seems to happen half the time.

    Please help, every other game is essentially an instant loss, I can't move anywhere in the leagues, its very frustrating.

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    This has been a known error for weeks.

    You will only find general advice on this topic, but either way :
    It's mostly a network or OS related error, maybe following this thread (or some tips inside it) will fix your problem.


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