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    So am I the only one disappointed by the uselessness that in-game power auras brings to ELE sham, as in no lava surge/rolling thunder (LvB reset/ lightning shield charges), any ideas on a nice alternative? Couldn't figure out how to get needtoknow working with either (something besides NTK is fine to me if simpler, msbt might work?).

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    EU Maintenance extended, now scheduled to end at 04:00PM CST as well, instead of 12:00PM

    And when the fuck is that?

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    Thumbs down Crap

    Quote Originally Posted by laserfloyd View Post
    How long have you been playing this game? Seriously? Anyone and everyone knows that a big patch day can and will be problematic. Don't even taken into account that THIS patch overhauls nearly everything that is to do with Cataclysm.

    It happens like this every-single-time. We're used it.

    Actually your terribly wrong. There was an article my friend told me about in the English Times. Blizzard have made a total of 2.5Billion Sterling and yet only spent 240million, on everything from blizzcons - expansions - salaries - Servers and so on. Now 250million may seem like a lot but compared to a 2.5billion worth its nothing at all. Blizzard are renowned for their capitalist scumming. They'd sell you toilet paper for 500% its value if they could. They dont give a shit about me or you and certainly not about their gamers. All they care about and i quote one of them saying "We are aware that since the wotlk expansion players have been getting more and more turned off. All we can do is ride out the rest of the storm and hope to make as much as we can until the boat sinks". Does that not disgust you as a gamer of one of their products? How about if i told you the spirit healers have been found out to be using subliminal messages? Check youtube if you dont believe it.

    Cataclysm imo will be the end of wow as we old members, know it. I'm a wpvper since 5 years ago and ive seen the drastic changes to pvp. From the disastrous battleground designs to the player balance wank. Now their attacking everything on a grander scale. So for me once the first few weeks of ganking questers is over i'll prolly take my guild and friends with me to Guild Wars2 or one of the Battlefield Series.

    The most of these changes are going to have such an effect on player vs player that the game will be unplayable and un-enjoyable!

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    New tree of life looks nice. I'm guess they are (in order from right side to left) night elf, troll, worgen, tauren respectively.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScorchHellfire View Post
    New tree of life looks nice. I'm guess they are (in order from right side to left) night elf, troll, worgen, tauren respectively.
    My guess that they're just different skin/fur colors, because I see no "racial" difference between them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duniah View Post
    Didn't you see the currency converter, did you? It said: Emblems of Frost and Emblems of Triumph will be turn into JP... So, you failed, not mmo.

    And don't cry, with those JP you have you'll be able to buy tier 11 pieces at cataclysm.
    em no , justice points will be for the blue dungeon gear and , t11 will be for valor points which u can only get from raiding

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    Thanks Bibi!

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    Quote Originally Posted by watupinthebutt View Post
    EU Maintenance extended, now scheduled to end at 04:00PM CST as well, instead of 12:00PM

    And when the fuck is that?
    The servers should be up n running 16:00 swedish local time, and that is pretty much when you get home from work or w/e anyway.

    CEST = Central Europe Summer Time

    Hope this helps

    // Freasp02

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    Anyone else has water engine bugging if you adjust it higher than "Fair" while using DX9? If I do that I see only gray spots and lines where water should be, and if I adjust it on "Fair" it looks even worse than before patch.

    My GPU is Radeon HD 4830 and I'm using WinXP with Dx9 (ofc).

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    Hello m8s!
    I can't even log in...when it finishes downloading the patch(or checking the files) and the loading patch screen is on it keeps asking me for cataclysm cd...
    anyone had this prob or knows what to do?

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    New tree of life, I like!

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    Hey look the new Abomination Form.

    (Though I'll admit the colours are pretty.)

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    Caster DPS is crazy! Very much crazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skulli View Post
    Your points over the 4000 cap will be converted to gold with 4.0.3 i think
    This is correct. 4.0.1 was the conversion with a soft cap, which will be changed to a hard cap with the actual Cataclysm patch.
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    What is the realmlist?????

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