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    Anyone had a reflected SW Pain?

    I'm curious if you get hit by your own apparitions Love to see a video of it!

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    Got to test that first thing when i wake up tomorrow!
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    I tested this last night and it lead to some interesting results but nothing too exciting.

    First thing I discovered was the shadowy apparitions had a higher spawn % in relation to the warrior moving than me moving. Having him run in circles around me would spawn more apparitions and my movement was not factored into thier spawn% chance.

    Second, those apparitions that spawned would infact spawn from my character and chase down the warrior that had spell reflected the shadow word pain orignially. However, when they reached the range to explode, they would despawn and he would take no damage from them.

    Noticing these results I tried a few more tests with these despawning apparitions. I hypothesized that perhaps they would blow up if I touched them, but they did not and would continue to chase the warrior. This lead to thoughts of thier behaivor under the effects of mind control.

    If a warrior spell reflects shadow word pain and you mind control him, no apparitions will spawn through the duration of shadow word pain. I further tested the effect of mind control on the warrior will an apparition already spawned to see the result. Sadly, this caused the apparition to despawn upon sucessful completition of the mind control cast.

    These are all the things I could think to test at the time. Please let me know if you encounter different results than the ones I observed. Also, sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes, I typed this on my phone.

    Tl;dr: shadow apparitions don't do any damage to the spell reflecting warrior.
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    thanks for the tests! I was kind of hoping either the apparitions would spawn from the warrior and come at the priest (as if the warrior actually cast the spell), or have them span from the priest and start following the priest (if the priest was moving, if he was standing still then just explode immediately)

    fun stuff

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