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    I had to Disable Ad-block for firefox to get it to work aswell. if you have that try it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nij View Post
    Valve is making dota 2 with icefrog.

    I'm guessing icefrog is not behind this development.
    Exactly, which means it will be shit, just like HoN or any other dota clone. Seriously, why do you need to clone something that is already perfect?

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    Yeah its still not working and I am waiting for rays tech chat to respond. This is total BS. Just like when I tried to get Blizcon tickets two years ago when they first started the ordering process online.

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    Pre-download, awesome! (Hopefully in Europe too?)

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    Quick question; if Cataclysm is going LIVE at midnight, PST - what about folks on the East Coast? Do we need to wait until 3AM to play Cata?

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    The person dressed as Hogger = win

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    Disappointing opening ceremony, big announcement was a new Diablo class? Lame.

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    I really hope the Digital Download purchasers can play on the dot after release. I read somewhere that they would be delayed a few hours so that people would have reason to leave their houses for midnight releases and such. I can't attend a midnight release, and I want to get started on my realm first marathon!

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    Midnight Pacific is pretty retarded, get your head out of your asses blizzard.

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    The midnight PST sucks hard for those anywhere outside that time zone, I know it does for me since I live on the east coast. =\

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    Lame blizzard. 12pst? Really? Way to screw over east coasters again.

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    OK! Except D3 New Hero and PvP NOTHING!


    was srsly hoping for something completely new or wc4

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    Midnight PST? Instant fail Blizzard. I'm not waiting until 3am to play it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by animeguru08 View Post
    The midnight PST sucks hard for those anywhere outside that time zone, I know it does for me since I live on the east coast. =\
    That's what I'm saying. I'm not getting it digitally; going to a midnight launch. But I don't remember WOTLK like that; as soon as I got home I installed it and played it by 12:45 EST. It's pretty lame if us East Coasters have to wait until 3AM.

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    Cataclysm will go live at Midnight on December 7th, PST Time. Digital pre-orders will be able to download everything before it goes live to make sure they can play instantly on release day.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrak View Post
    Midnight Pacific? Was that a mistake or am I really going to have to wait til 2AM to get into a Cataclysm zone?
    you'll be able to pre-download the client software?

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    I am so pre downloading cataclysm now after this anouncement!
    Why not ? dodnload beforehand, install it before those who choose to buy it in stores. And beeing able to log in right away when the realms are opened ?

    Btw if you have problems with the rayV player, change to the flash version. Worked for me atleast.

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    yeh im wondering that to he did say u can download before midnight so im really hoping for a pre download.

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    That's it, the major announcements are done, as Chris Metzen has just said. Diablo III new class and PvP arenas.

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    Cataclysm cinematic was launched last week - spoiled
    Cataclysm beta has been out a LONG time - spoiled
    SC2 - a patch with 3 new game modes - spoiled

    D3 - Demon hunter and pvp arenas' ... That's it?

    That's the whole of Blizzcon? Infact when they played the Cataclysm cinematic, the place was silent.

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