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    Quote Originally Posted by Scunosi View Post
    I've been reading over the liveblogs posted on (as many of you are doing I'm sure) and I read in one of them someone asked about having female versions of forms. The panel responded that it's something they've thought about, and that they had an image of concepts or something. I'm wondering if anyone knows what the image is/has pics?
    Personally I don't care much either way, but I'm all for more customization and I'd love to see some Druid concept art.

    And here's the quote for you:
    1:36: "Any plans for female druid forms?"

    A: Might have seen a concept yesterday for that, but difficult to balance. We would like to do it, but it's tricky. We'll do what we can.
    A:I notice you guys aren't asking for new druid forms now!

    You guys really want gendered forms? Don't really care? It'd be interesting to see a female Moonkin, assuming they retain their current look at least and aren't totally redone a la ToL.

    ever seen a bear in real life? do female bears have curves? do any female animal have curves?

    the answer to those questions and your originally asked question is no

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    If they based everything in this game off RL it'll be pretty boring!

    I would be really nice to see a difference in gender with forms

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    I'm female and really don't care either way if the forms look 'female' or 'male', don't see why it matters as long as the form itself looks okay to begin with.

    I mean, ToL is a tree. Trees don't have genders. You can't really tell if a bear is male or female, nor bird-people. I could somewhat see with the tauren cat form as it's somewhat based on a lion, but I love the mane so.

    The travel orientated forms are the same as the bear form, you couldn't tell anyway just by looking at it. Unless people want them all to grow boobs?

    They're all animal/nature forms, I really don't think they need a specified gender and have never really thought of them having one before. No need to humanise the forms more by giving them human gender stereotypes.

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    I don't think the forms need to have boobs to be more female Made a little suggestion of what I think could separate the male from the female druids (This is for troll druids)

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    Nice example Mipeo Thumbs up for removing the sideburns for the female version.

    lol @ everyone who assumes you have to add boobs to something to make it female ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mipeo View Post
    I don't think the forms need to have boobs to be more female Made a little suggestion of what I think could separate the male from the female druids (This is for troll druids)

    Boobs would be silly... Your art concept, however, I think is very fitting and I would go so far as to say that I like it enough to support it. That's really how it should be: subtle and natural, not disgustingly and needlessly overdone.

    Personally, Tauren cats/bears are pretty masculine all around; Night Elf cats look more feminine while the bears are neutral. I think this sort of thing would be neat to see. It's just kind of strange seeing a female Tauren turn into something that looks like an annoyed Bull Terrier wearing a Halloween wig, or a male Night Elf (especially ones with those perma-grimace faces) turning into a pink kitten.

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    So no one's found the concept art the Blizz guy mentioned? Was kinda hoping someone had.

    Oh and I have a Female forms thing I saw once,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khainos View Post
    Are you saying you're able to look at a bear in nature and point out whether it's a male or female, from traits other than it's genitals?

    I understand with the Horde Cat form as it's possible to tell the diffirence between male and female lions rather easiler. It's not the same with panthers (Night elves) however. Cheetahs and sealions aswell. The males may be bigger but that's not a new model we're talking there.

    Moonkins can be like lions, but they may aswell not have many diffirences between female and male species.

    And well.. The only gender-change they could make to a tree, is flowers. <.<

    I'd rather just see some more new models in general.
    basically i think the people asking for gender specific animal forms have been watching too many disney cartoons and want wow to be the fucking lion king.

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    They've said it many times, Of course we'd love gendered forms, but they've always said that if they do take the time to make these forms then they have to take that time from other models, I'd rather have more original modeled bosses than a different form based on gender. I mean I like what that one guy said "I'm surprised you all are stoked to play World of Dresscraft". Just my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scunosi View Post
    So no one's found the concept art the Blizz guy mentioned? Was kinda hoping someone had.

    Oh and I have a Female forms thing I saw once,
    The female cow cats look ill in that picture, in my opinion.

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    People say that the tauren cats look male cause of the mane, but you have to realize that female tauren have manes. It actually fits them pretty well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malthurius View Post
    Can you tell the gender of a cat/bear/owl by just looking at it? No.

    It would make more sense for there to be gendered forms for treeform (It's a fantasy thing that has no reallife guideline.) and Metamorphosis.
    this, does it really matter? its not like they're gonna throw boobs on all the forms and call it a day anyway

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    Female bears and male bears have one significant difference... balls, other than that they look the same, that goes for cats as well. "Gendered" forms would just make no sense.

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    a lion with manes = male = ok
    a lion with manes = females = Darwin turns in his grave.

    same goes for other races
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    to be honest i dont think this will ever happent tho lol. knowing they thy now got to make new models for like 4 races lol

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    If you want a female catform just roll NE

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Dalliah- View Post
    Gee I wonder how a female moonkin looks like.
    I already showed you in your scary art thread, no need to post that again. :P

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    I just feel bad for the Horde females.. what's with all the manes? Keep the Tauren lion, but why did the troll forms have to be so masculine too? :S

    edit: I agree with Mipeo's post. Less "hairy" forms (notice I said hair, not fur lol) would make them more feminine
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    Sigh at all the morons "cant tell difference between female/male panther".. It's World of freaking Warcraft with EXTREME dimorphism as a part of (c) design. Yes you can make feminine and masculine design for cat/bear -=WITHOUT=- boobs and sacks.


    current tauren cat = male. Cuz it has mane. Same with bear, it has beard.
    current night elf cat = female. Cuz it has classic facial markings of a female NE.

    Why my female tauren turns into male forms? Why my male night elf turn into female forms? Yes there is a room for improvement and i would really love to see them working on it.

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    I think it would be a cool idea, get a little bit more uniqueness between people.
    Yes and no, but maybe.

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