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    Best raiding professions?

    Up until 4.0.1, it was JC/Engi.
    However, with the recent change to Engineering (nerf haste to hands, but allowed the regular spell power enchant), is there anything more 'powerful' min/max-wise?
    Or will JC/Engi still trump all?

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    It really shouldn't matter too much. All professions have som e degree of uselessness to it, all professions offer roughly teh same bonus. The question is how good it is.

    Tailoring in WoTLK was good due to a slighly OP back enchant. The downside was that making money off tailoring was a PITA. In Cataclysm, the back enchants are no longer OP, just on par with everything else.
    Jewelcrafting is a strong profession since you can get almost any stat, and it's a good moneymaker.
    Enchanting is a good moneymaker, but the self-bonuses leave something to be desired.
    Engineering has some fun toys, which often outshine any bonuses you get from profession perks.
    Inscription used to be a major moneymaker, and the major perk was that you didn't have to farm sons of hodir rep.

    Herbalism is utterly useless as a priest. You can heal yourself well enough already. Decent moneymaker though!
    Skinning is not amazing as a priest, considering that it's a poor moneymaker and crit isn't exactly a stellar stat for a priest.
    Mining... great moneymaker, but the extra HP bonus isn't particularly necessary.

    But ultimately, it don't really matter. Pick what you enjoy.

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