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    Video games at work.

    So, recently at work I've had a lot of down time, which don't get me wrong, is nice and I am extremely lucky considering the current economy, but I am bored nonetheless.

    I am looking for some video game to play. I can't really install anything big like WoW on my work computer, and I need something that can be quickly minimized because I'm *technically* not supposed to be playing video games.

    The one reprieve I've found is a gameboy advance emulator, I used to play Fire Emblem all the time a while back. So while I'm waiting for my work to go through the channels it has to go through before I get it back to work on again, I play a mission or two.

    That got me wondering, what games would you play? Just taking any recommendations really. It can be gameboy advance emulator, or any flash game really. Preferably something in small size (memory and window size), or any suggestions at all really.

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    I'm going to pass

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    Kongregate has a ton of flashgames that are free to play and can be minimized if your boss walks by.

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