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    Worst raid instance, Ever. Pick one!

    What do you think is the worst, dumbest, just most useless raid instance ever?

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    Magtheridown's Lair. Click the cubes and profit!

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    Vault of Archavon
    <- givin' free epix to everyone..
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    there is only 1 right answer here toc/togc

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    ruby sanctum. it was a waste of a filler raid blizzard should have made one the size of the sunwell not just another OS. oh and i vote os too

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    Trial of the Crusader by far!

    I would rather read the VoA log a thousand times and more than having another instance as irrelavant and loreless as toc!

    Second one on the list should be ICC, only PP heroic and LK HC was fun and A WHOLE YEAR for one tier of content is just lame... missed my troll instance badly...

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    Got to be either VOA or the Eye for me
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    To Fucking C

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    Vault of Archavon because it's not raidbosses in there, it's just free epics...

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    Naxx10/25 (Naxx40 ruled!) And obviously ToC, VoA also terrible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thalruin View Post
    Magtheridown's Lair. Click the cubes and profit!
    You won't believe how long my raid needed to nail that down. So simple in theory...yet so hard in practice

    I'd say it's a tie between TotC and Naxx 2.0. Naxx wasn't bad per say, but the ease of it just ruined it. TotC, while moderately challenging was just a cheap instance, handing out too much loot for too little investment.

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    Toc was so bad for me personally, that it was the only raid instance that made me take a break from the game until ICC came out.

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    Toc/ToGC and Ruby Sanctum. But mostly Ruby Sanctum. Although the main boss was somewhat challenging if you PUG'd it, the whole instance just felt like it was thrown together in a lame attempt to give us something to do other than complain about raiding ICC for close to a year straight.

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    VoA is boring as sin, Naxx 10/25 never compared to the epicness of Naxx 40, Tempest Keep too... hearing Kael so many times starts to drive you nuts.

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    Ruby Sanctum for me.

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    hmm Voa...toc or ruby....don't know...

    I'm gonna say ToC can't be more boring then that.

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    1 : TOC
    2 : Ruby
    3 : Magtheridon
    4 : VOA
    all rtared

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