View Poll Results: Lil' Ragnaros and Moonkin Hatchling: Which are you buying?

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  • Lil Ragnaros! (Fire is good!)

    38 10.70%
  • Moonkin Hatching! (it's ssoooooo cute!)

    73 20.56%
  • Both!

    93 26.20%
  • Neither,Blizzard has enough of my money as it is!

    151 42.54%
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    You folk are beyond redemption, i give up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jookey View Post
    No reason these little pets should cost this much. Just one of them is the price of Team Fortress 2 when it's on sale! (And you get a much much better value)

    But my gf really wants the Moonkin, and it's for a good cause.
    Have you played Team Fortress 2 recently? The main game may have been a bargain on sale, but the in-game shop update introduced items that seriously shifted the balance in favour of players willing to dish out €15 per class for set bonuses, nevermind that some of the weapons or hats alone are going for about €7 as well.

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    Neither one. Buying vanity items for real money is really stupid if you ask me. I understand is someone wants a cool mount from Blizzard Store, but buying a useless pet you hardly ever use is beyond my imagination.

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    Both obviously.

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    So the pets are for sale now,anyone going to get a moonkin and use it to crowd control mobs with it's cute eyed stare?

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    I bought them both.
    This brings my total to 110, not including the new Cata pets.

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    Very nice pets.

    I'm a pet collector, but I can't bring myself to line Blizz' pockets more than I already do with my sub+transfers.

    114 and counting though, without any externally obtained pets.

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