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    46" monitor with 1920x1080 is going to look like shit, pixel size is huge with that resolution. If you want a big screen, get one with 2XXXx1XXX resolution instead.

    It'll cost ya but will look better. Otherwise, get an ~400€ 24" with S-IPS panel and Spyder3 for calibration, your eyes will thank you.

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    Yeah, Michigan blows. But I'll be moving to either California or Virginia in the summer with my Fiance. Ive had the case since July. No problems with it. Just make sure to clean it out once every 2 months.

    Only bad thing about my room is right behind where I set is my bed. ( small rooms suck )

    I'll end up buying myself a nice desk once I move. But for now, This old warped wood desk is going to have to cut it for now.

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    Your computer, has a jet engine attached to it.

    That may be your biggest concern.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xuvial View Post
    What on earth is that case, where did you get it? Jesus that intake fan must be like 200mm....

    But on a more serious note, sitting that close to a 46" TV (at the wost) is going to fuck up your eyes and give you a headache.
    I recommend spending a few bucks on a larger desk...I mean if you're gonna have an expensive gaming rig and a 46" screen, you can't have that sorry excuse of a desk (your PC is almost falling off the edge), your setup deserves better than that -_-
    Invest in a nice corner-desk, that should give plenty of room for the TV, keyboard, food, drinks, etc. Or pull your desk away from the wall and put that TV on top of something tall.

    Leveling from 80-85 should be a comfortable experience, not a cramped one.

    Also, kitteh.

    If you are gaming for long periods, you want your head to remain in as neutral a position as possible. This setup is far better than, say, looking slightly down at a laptop. As long as you are looking straight on most of the time, you won't get the nasty after-effects like migraines and neck pain; but you do want to be aware of it as you adjust.

    That said, I think the OP will enjoy it more if the monitor is a tad farther back, and will definitely want to secure that tower. A new desk would be an excellent investment.

    On an unrelated note: OP, I hate you. :-P

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    But anyways that case is an Xclio A380.

    I KNEW IT.

    red panda red panda red panda!

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