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    Quote Originally Posted by Daetur View Post
    Daetur’s pretentious how-to-better-yourself after learning to play in Wrath post, incoming! Dare ye read it and take its words to heart? Or dare ye troll instead? One will fill me with warm joy and hope for the future, and the other will simply amuse me, so let’s get crackin’!

    This is my own comprehensive take on tips and tricks you should get used to before Cataclysm hits, for tanks, dps, and healers. Some of you may very well know these things, even if you have only played during Wrath. However, some of you may have never needed to use or think about them. Everyone has the potential to improve. I have things I need to improve on too, some of which are things I discuss here! I don’t think you suck personally, but I do think that we’ve ALL gotten complacent and rusty with Wrath of the Lich King. Players who started playing in Wrath never got the experience of Classic and BC where we once had to learn many of the lessons that will be invaluable come December 7th. It’s not their fault, but it needs to be addressed.

    EDIT: I just want to make one thing perfectly clear. My working definition of "Wrath Player" is not someone who started playing during Wrath. It includes everyone who PLAYED the game during the WotLK expansion. So, yes, this means me. And all of you BC and Classic players. We've all developed bad habits from Wrath that we may need to think about breaking before Cata.

    Daetur’s credentials: Regular WoW player and raider since Classic; Has tanked, healed, melee and ranged dpsed all current content. 11/12 Hardmode experience. Cataclysm Beta tester.

    I play a hunter, a death knight dps, a druid tank/dps, a paladin healer/dps, and a shaman healer/dps.

    1.) Be mindful of your positioning. Do these mobs have a knockback? Will you get thrown into other mobs? Is the tank facing the mob away from the group in case it has a conal or cleave? When trying to dodge that fire on the ground, are you running towards another group of mobs? These are things that you will need to be more mindful of in Cata. Extra pulls can and likely will mean wipes, and any damage that can be avoided will make your healer’s life that much easier, and make their mana last that much longer.

    ------> 1.a) If you do get aggro, run the offending mob TO your tank, not AWAY from him. Root or snare the mob that is aggroed on to you, and then move TO your tank so that the mob will run closer to them as well. This makes it much easier for your tank to peel the mob off of you, and will get you back into safety quicker.

    2.) Communicate with your group. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never seen these people before in your life. Ask who you should CC. Ask the tank to pop his CDs because you know you have trouble healing this pull. Ask if you have questions about an encounter (please, for god’s sake). Ask for a mana break. Don’t sit there like a deaf mute along for the ride and pray everyone else knows what they’re doing. Much of the Cataclysm content WILL take some organization.

    ------>2.a.) Take and give constructive criticism. If you wipe, try to figure out what went wrong and fix it without liberal use of “suck,” “noob,” “fail,” “ragequit,” etc. That will not get you any closer to downing the boss or the trash. It will only destroy any cohesion your group had, and angry players tend to perform worse than calm or happy players. Also, if someone else offers you criticism, don’t take it too personally. “Hey, hunter, can you step up the dps?,” is NOT a personal attack. Take responsibility for your actions! I’ve raided ICC hardmodes and played since Classic, and I still screw up. But, I have the balls to say “Sorry guys, bad tab target, completely my fault. I’ll be more careful,” or “Oh man, I just wasn’t paying attention, my bad. I know what the (fire)(acid)(defile) looks like now, I’ll watch more carefully next time.” And you should too! It keeps groups more cohesive, and makes errors clearer to everyone in the party so that no one has to play the blame game.

    3.) Keep your group’s best interests in mind. Pay attention to what is happening to your group members. Is a mob running for your healer or clothies? Root it, slow it, or stun it. Did you get an extra add? Try to help control them- slow, CC, etc.

    4.) Be patient! This is all new content, and your group is in leveling gear, not top-tier epics. These fights are not generally easy, and have some new mechanics to learn. If someone in the group needs to have the fight explained to them, don’t complain. If your groups wipes, run back in and try again. I’m sure you had to learn the fight at some point too. If the healer needs to stop for a mana break, don’t keep pulling or get impatient. Trust me, they are working hard to keep your group alive. DON’T expect 15-20 minute runs!

    5.) Be observant. Check out new buffs, debuffs, and spell effects. The more you know about what is around you and what mobs can do, the more effective you can be. Mages in particular, watch for TASTY Spellsteal fodder. You’ll be amazed at the buffs you can give yourself and take off of a foe.

    6.) Consumables!! Yes, that’s right! Health potions, mana potions, potions of speed! Well, mostly health and mana. Have them! Use them liberally if you have access to them! Mana potions in particular can give healers the extra mileage they need on a tough fight.


    1.) If your target is casting and it can be interrupted, do it! Interrupts- not just for bosses! Interrupting spells being cast by your enemy will often go a long way towards reducing incoming damage. Try to watch casting mobs as you do the dungeon (over and over again, most likely), and try to see what spells are particularly nasty. AoEs are often good candidates for interrupts. This will also save your healer mana!

    ------> 1.a.) Bind your interrupt/stun/silence to an easy-to-reach key. If you only ever use ONE keybind, this should be it. I typically have mine bound to my scrollwheel or Shift+leftclick so that I can hit it as fast as possible. Your mileage may vary.

    ------> 1.b.) You can use a ranged interrupt or silence to help your tank gather spaced out caster mobs. The tank will, 9 times out of 10, greatly appreciate this, and it really helps with add control.

    2.) A dead DPS does NO dps! Remember, if you recklessly frontload all of your damage and aren’t careful, you can end up pulling off the tank. If you can frontload 12k burst dps, but only live for 4 seconds, that’s only 48k damage. Compare that to the careful dps who pulls 6k sustained and lives through the entire 60-second fight—that’s a whopping 360k overall damage to your 48k! Please be aware that many tanks have to “relearn” the new tanking style of Cataclysm, and most of us have had our AoE threat capabilities nerfed. Please stay on our target, or the marked target.

    ------>2.a.) This rule also applies to standing in ‘stuff.’ The faster you move out of it, the easier you make your healer’s life. Since mana will be more of an issue for healers in Cataclysm, the more mana you can save your healer, the better your group’s chances of survival.

    ------>2.b.) Use of defensive cooldowns, even as a dps, can really save your healer a lot of trouble. If you can anticipate incoming damage (un-interruptible AoE, or you got aggro somehow), pop a CD like Barkskin, Icebound Fortitude, etc. Also, with a bit more freedom in speccing in Cata, talents that increase healing done to you or reduce damage that you take can be very good candidates for your spec.

    3.) Be patient! Let your healer drink, let your tank mark and set up their pull, and let someone explain the fight if necessary.[/b] Remember, this content will be NEW to nearly everyone from 80-85. It is more difficult that WotLK content, and we will not be in top-end gear. We will be in leveling blues and greens. These fights will take preparation, caution, and learning. Once you know a dungeon by heart, remember that everyone starts somewhere, and that there was a point where you didn’t know the fight. Have patience with the others in your group, and help them learn.

    4.) Learn about your classes’ Crowd Control (CC) abilities. Before stepping into a Cataclysm dungeon, please note that some trash packs NEED to be Crowd Controlled (CCed). Familiarize yourself with the CC options available to your class, and the limitations of it. Does it only work on certain mob types? How long does it last? Does it break on damage? Use these abilities liberally to take dangerous mobs out of the fight while you deal with others. This is also a good technique to reduce tank and healer strain, and gives your group a better chance of success. Practice on your own—pull two or three mobs solo, out in the world, and try to keep one CCed the entire time you are killing the other(s).

    ------>4.a.) Don’t break the sheep! Be careful of cleaves and AoE abilities if there is a CCed mob nearby. Damage often breaks enemies out of CC, and they will then run rampant through your group. One of the WORST things you can do is place a DoT on a CCed target (I’m looking at you, Dks glyphed for increased Pestilence and Blood Boil range—for the record, I am one of you), since it will CONTINUALLY break the CC even if it is reapplied.

    5.) Learn to kite! Kiting involves slowing a mob and making it chase you away from or around your group while not hitting you. Mages and hunters in particular are known as great kiters. Death Knights can be quite good at it too, as they have both a taunt and Chains of Ice. This technique can be extremely helpful in situations where there are multiple powerful melee adds that cannot be CCed. If they are too much for your tank to handle together, a dps can often kite one until the other is dead, at which point the tank will take over. Rumor has it that a Heroic boss in a Cata dungeon requires that an add be kited for the ENTIRE fight! Are you up to the challenge?

    6.) Follow marks and kill orders! Focusing fire will be very important in Cata. We won’t be able to just AoE down every pull anymore. Usually, Skull will be first and X will be second. Crowd Control targets may also be marked. As a general rule, HEALER type mobs die first, followed by damaging casters, then melee.

    [b[7.) You are more than just “big numbers!”[/b] Simply because your role or spec is “dps” doesn’t mean you can’t throw out a heal, a dispel, or a cleanse, or even pick up a stray add. Did the healer just die? Does your class have some healing spells? Well, you’d BETTER have those on your bar, because it’s time to show what you’re made of. Pick up the healing and save your group! You can do so much more than just damage and occasional CC. Paladins, use Hand of Salvation on a party member that’s getting close to pulling aggro, or even Hand of Protection the mage! Remember, casters can continute to cast while HoPed, but melee can’t continue to use physical strikes. Misdirect or trap that accidental add pull! Throw out a cleanse to someone, innervate the healer if they’re low on mana! You have these great utility spells, but no one expects you to use them Time to prove them wrong and show that there’s a reason you’re like Wolverine. The best at what you do.


    1.) Cleanse! Many healers in WotLK are more used to healing through debuffs instead of removing them. With mana being more of an issue in Cata, it will often be more efficient to remove damaging or heal-reducing debuffs as soon as possible, rather than try to heal through all the damage. Which debuffs are more expensive to heal through than cleanse will be something you have to learn on your own, but it will be important to keep cleansing in mind in Cataclysm content!

    2.) Conserve your mana! Mana is not going to last you anywhere near as long in Cata as it does now. Learn which heals are the most efficient, and get a feel for how much each one heals for. Knowing which heal to use when will be essential. AoE heal spam will not cut it anymore.

    ------>2.a.) Part of mana conservation is triage. Triage is deciding the priority of you ‘patients.’ As a general rule, if SOMEONE has to die, it should be the dps first, the tank second, and the healer last. This means, if you have to choose between saving a dps and yourself, save yourself. Between the tank and the healer does get more fuzzy, but remember that it’s possible for dps to burn something down with heals backing them up if the tank does die.

    3.) Predict incoming damage. Watch who the mob(s) is(are) targeting. Having an addon that shows who has threat is quite handy here, or just activate this feature in the standard WoW raid/arty interface. If you see an add turn to a dps, you know that that’s the one that will need heals. You shouldn’t be mindlessly spamming everyone in CASE they take damage anymore. You know the tank will be taking damage. But the key to be a great, efficient healer, is to be able to anticipate who ELSE in your group is going to get hurt.

    4.) Be ready for anything. Assume the worst. If you are about to start a pull that you have never healed before, it is safer to assume high spike damage than wait and see. Many healers get a nasty surprise when a new type of trash mobs hits like a freight train and they just weren’t ready for that kind of damage.


    1.) Don’t break CC! Pull mobs BACK and away from CCed adds. This will reduce the risk that CC will be broken by your own AoE tanking abilities and dps’ cleaves. It will help you hold threat because you do not need to watch your AoE and cleaves, and it will help your dps for the same reason.

    2.) Mark adds! You should know the drill—Skull on the first target to die, X on the second, mark CC targets with Square, Moon, etc. Focusing fire will be more important in Cataclysm. Packs cannot simply be AoEed down across the board. Typically, you’ll want to have your dps target enemy HEALERS first, then damage-dealing casters, and finally, melee.

    3.) Be liberal with your shorter cooldown CDs. Mitigating incoming damage will be essential in Cata. It will help conserve your healer’s mana. A particularly good time to hit your shorter defensive cooldowns (anything under 2 minutes) will be close to the start of a pull, when the most adds are alive, unless there is something special about the adds that makes them more dangerous later.

    4.) Use your stuns! Stuns are a great way to mitigate incoming damage, don’t forget it! They can also buy you time to get stable threat at the start of a pull, or stop a mob from running after a healer or dps when your taunt isn’t up.

    5.) CONTROL your pulls. Pull with restraint. Most tanks in WotLK (myself included) have gotten very, very accustomed to charging into a dungeon, foaming at the mouth, and pulling the first three groups all together. This is NOT going to fly in Cata, guys. You will get you furry/plate-wearing ass kicked. We will need to relearn how to pull with restraint. When you pull a group, range pull and drag them BACK instead of charging right into them. You can also have CCers pull from range and pick up the mobs as they head towards your group. Try not to aggro any extra mobs.

    6.) You are NOT the master of the group. Many tanks in WotLK have become rude and overconfident due largely to their short queue times. I can be guilty of this as well. Many have a tendency to treat the other members of their groups with the expectation that whatever THEY says goes, because the group cannon function without them. Please, I beg of you, if you are one of these tanks, remember that you cannot solo this content. You need your group as much as they need you.
    Wow, are you guys still here, or did you just skip to the end?
    If, as I suspect, this was WAY too long and you didn’t care, here’s a brief summary.
    Be patient. Be observant. Communicate with your group. Own up to your mistakes. Learn as much about your class as you possibly can, and use all of your tricks. Learn to kite and Crowd Control. Learn to mitigate as much incoming damage as possible, even as a dps. Manage your mana. Think on your toes!

    the sad thing about this is that everyone should have been doing this since WOTLK.. stupid world of warcraft community
    <One Man Army>

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    Amazing, well-written and very informative post. I agree with all but the Wrath part, bad players are bad regardless of when they started playing. Just because someone is a “Wrath baby,” if you will, does not automatically make them a horrible player. A couple people I play with, myself included, are new faces compared to some of the Veterans I play with now. Just because I started playing in Wrath doesn’t mean I don’t use CC, watch where I am standing, and move out of the fire - people lacking common sense have been playing since the game dropped, it is just sad that people group all Wrath players into the same group due to the mass amount of fail most of them exhibit.
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    Great post OP.

    I am not looking forward to PUGing in Cata; WotLK was WAY too lenient on lazies, stupids, and epeeners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andok View Post
    Also, in Wrath, gear progression was terrible. Instead of the natural fresh 70-normal-heroic-next tier progression, it was fresh 80-heroic-ToC-ICC. Hope that will be fixed, and I think each raid tier (including heroic) should only give badges that can be used to buy gear one tier above, instead of 3 tiers above.
    You're missing the point. The idea is that points from heroics put you 1-2 tiers below the current normal mode (2-3 tiers below current heroic mode), so that somebody could actually get into raiding with a character.
    The way you suggest basically means that nobody would ever realistically get into raiding if they joined after the first few content patches, because they would have to farm outdated content to try and catch up with others. Think about that

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    Will the terrible players actually read this and learn from it or insist on remaining bad?

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    People that dosent know this already should quit the game.. Unless they are totaly new.

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    I stopped reading at your credentials. Sorry.

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    Very nice post, I started playing in TBC just before wotlk. On Frostmane EU, got ganked like mad and then changed to ER a RP realm quiet and peacefull. The moment i got my pally to 70 3 weeks later WOTLK came out so i got no raid experience. Now i have a 80 with tier 10 of every class. And yes I have seen all all the fights in the game currently. And heard all the stories of 1 weeks clearing molten core... or hard tbc heroics where you had to use tactics. Now i played beta straight from WOTLK live. But i was familiar with hardcore raiding alrdy by now. But the majority of ppl in beta werent. And you could easly spot the difference between pre tbc players and wotlk starters. This post should be on front page of Blizz

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    As a tank for the majority of WotLK, and probably being a tank in Cataclysm I can't stress enough the amount of restraint that will have to be practiced for "Cata".

    Hybrids, you really need to step up. Paladins (ret) remember your talents and how they are trying to force you to play as a hybrid class IE. //Selfless Healer// (I'd link it but new users are not allowed to put links in posts.). If your not interested in playing a hybrid class, please re-roll, I have a mild feeling hybrid classes will be just that in cataclysm.

    +1000 again Daetur.

    Great post!

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    My beta experience

    So, I was lucky enough to get to play beta (omg omg omg it was amazing!) and ill give a bit of imput from what i've seen that i did not see touched on (i did not read the entire thread, just some comments and the OP).

    1. when i did my first instance, it was on my dps warrior and it was blackrock caverns. we wiped 3 times on the first pull because most of us were still in wrath gear and mindset. by the time i had finished most of hyjal i went back and did it again, and we facerolled it pretty easily without much worry about CC. i also did throne of the tides pretty early on, and again, i was owned in the face. but when i went back in some cata gear...i still got destroyed. the dungeons, as of beta, were pretty different in levels of difficulty. some of them were a bit difficult, some of them were actually very hard. this goes into my next point....

    2. heroics. be ready to want to cry and smash blizzard in the head with blunt objects while people get back into the groove of difficult heroics. there is one pull in particular that comes to mind, heroic halls of origination. it is 3 smaller mobs and 1 big one, 3 of which use devestating aoe that if you are near and dont interrupt, you will die within a few seconds. there are a few pulls sort of like this, and each one had my groups (usually made up of my guildies, many of which were pretty regular raiders) corpse running at least several times per instance. however, going in to heroic blackrock i had very little issue ever (still lots of deaths, but never several deaths on the same pull). SFK was pretty hard, and grim batol was insanely difficult. so, unlike regulars, the difference from instance to instance can make a group pretty much incapable of completing certain ones. which will, ofcourse, cause some ragequit.

    3. there being a severe lack of epics you can obtain without raiding (rep, pvp and crafting can get you some) we are going to go back to the way vanilla was, methinks, where having epics really MEANT something. i think it will be easier to discern who is a good player (or at least experienced in content) based on gear much more than was possible in wrath. getting tier 10 gear without ever raiding was possible. this isnt the case with cata (as yet).

    4. it was mentioned in the OP to have consumables, but it is very important, i found, to have more than just health and mana pots. the food buffs and scrolls and things dont do as much anymore (an increase of 80 stam is a lot less overall when you have 180,000 life), but there are also other very helpful little things to keep around. elixirs are easy to make, and can be an incredible boon on the really hard fights. engineering items to stun a mob, even for a few seconds, really helps.

    5. the OP mentioned to learn your CC, but more than just that, learn all your skills. leap of faith ("life grip"), for instance, saved me from getting pummelled in the face on my warrior while trying to keep clothies alive. hamstring, chains of ice, conc shot etc are all incredibly helpful for slowing a single mob at the onset of a pull to break it up so you can down a mob before the next gets to you. use mind vision to see when pats are coming, mind soothe that group on the right before going to x boss so you can skip them without pulling, even if the shaman puts his totems in the wrong place. every class has a lot of skills that have changed quite a bit since we last really needed to use them very often. hunters can still fear animals, but when was the last time you saw that used in an instance?

    6. this is one i really noticed having an effect on wipes in cata that wasnt really the case in wrath, and even in BC it was less-so: stay behind the tank! there are a good amount of pats in the instances, and a single pat can destroy your group. getting even 1 extra mob in a heroic (if it is the wrong type of mob) can drop you all very quickly. there are even a few bosses that pat around that i saw pulled because overzealous/impatient people ran up to do the next pull.

    7. as was mentioned, threat is different now. we can just consecrate and spam hammer and keep 40 mobs on us with ease anymore. so remember the "three sunder rule"! even though we have 4 tank classes now, only 2 of which have a regular "sunder" type skill (druid lacerate and sunder, as faerie fire can do 3 stacks at once), the idea remains the same. WAIT FOR AGGRO. if you notice your aggro is getting high, use your skills to drop it. cower and feignt, use ice block just after a large string of crits, or use fade before you pop those cooldowns to start ripping mobs apart. know your threat like we didnt used to need to.

    8. finally, cata is pretty likely to bring back a plethora of old players that havent played in some time, and will probably bring in a lot of brand new players as well. things are very different than just a few years ago, so have patience with people who havent had a chance to test out the new mechanics in beta or with the cata patch on live. the game is nowhere near "complex" on it surface, but learning if you should stack haste or mastery, go for ice lance over frost bolt, or what lock pet to use when is going to take awhile for people to get used to. you are going to die a lot. the mobs are scary again. dont get your knickers in a twist over it or you will ruin the fun for yourself and your group.

    cata is a much larger challenge than wrath was, even just out of the gate. but the bit ive gotten to play, it is extremely worth it. but keep in mind with the game changing so much even the elite amongst us will need to adjust to lots of things, so imagine what it will be like for people who havent played in a long time, or are fresh to mmos, or are just casuals.

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    i wonder what the dungeon queues will be like for the first dungeons in cata on December 7th.

    im 13 so i still go to school(OFC :P) ill probably go to the Local game Store after school and when i get home geek Cata and since i got 3 80's that is DPS and just 1 that is tank im wondering if it will be big differences between DPS,Tanks and healers in the Queues the first days.

    BTW i have played wow since i was 9. I have raided a little bit in Vanilla raided Magtheridon's Lair and SSC in TBC i stopped playing since my account got hacked (Twice) and started playing 14th December 2008 in WotLK and been geeking until now and i wont say i wont tomorow. The Day after Tomorow and so on Cant wait for Cata.

    Nice Post dude Much helpful stuff. To bad most of the Wrath Players (by wrath Players i mean those who stand in defile etc.) arent going to read it

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    Wow! You know, you hear a lot about how the beta testers talked about how hard Cata is going to be. In fact, you hear it so much that you kind of just assume that maybe people may be over exaggerating a little when it come to Cata difficulty!
    But reading this post kind of makes me think that you're a little worried about the surprise people will get coming out of WotLK and into Cata. Which leads me to believe that Cata really IS going to be a lot harder!

    I've been playing WoW and raiding in Pre-BC content, and I really really do miss it! Even BC content had such "rich" and "satisfying" content compared to WotLK. I mean take Karazhan for example... The story and encounters alone were, at least for me, the most interesting events in WoW history. Not to mention ZA, which was added in a later patch during BC.

    I was looking forward to Cata content...but now i have to say I'm more excited than I have ever been for Cata. Now we can get a challenge anytime we want, and not just on 1 encounter in the entire expantion (aka H 25m LK).

    I hope people that really need to read this actually do. Cause like I've seen in the other replies to this thread, I'm worried about Blizz caving to all the people who will cry about heroics being to hard. My reply to these people is...if you can't stop failing at Cata content, then stop QQ'ing and go play Mario Cart! ...but not the one on Nintendo 64...that one might be to hard for ya...

    Thanks Daetur! Awesome post!

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    Fantastic post. I've played since Vanilla and I agree almost completely with what you say.
    One thing I would say:
    2a) In raiding situations it's also possible to heal the tank in lieu of yourself. Remember in raids there more healers and caster dps(druid/shams) that can pick up healing if a healer dies, but it is much harder for a dps to tank and not get one or two-shot. Unless the higher health pools will make that viable, not sure.

    And don't forget the adage "If the healer dies its the tanks fault, if the tank dies its the healers fault and if the dps dies its their own fault" as a general rule.

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    Hope this help some ''noob'' to not ''suck'', ''fail'' and ''ragequit''
    <3 thanks for the guide :P

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    It's funny. As a Vanilla player, I feel most of the OP's original information are just things people should already know.

    Is it possible people really *don't* know this information? How have they not figured it out by level 80?

    It boggles the mind, I tell you! O_o

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    My problem with this post is simple: The people who need to read it are the people who won't read it or mmo-champion at all.

    My LFG runs over the last few weeks have been full of people who will simply fail in Cata, and this worries me. I'm effectively the only person in my guild, and am starting to wonder if I should recruit some select people.
    Shadowsong EU: Tyler [85 Warrior] .: Durden [85 Priest] .: Palahniuk [85 Warlock] .: Boeddeker [85 Shaman] .: Cronenweth [85 Druid] .: Uhls [85 Paladin] .: Chesler [85 Mage] .: Fincher [85 Hunter] .: Paulson [85 Rogue] .: Lichborne [85 Death Knight] Magtheridon EU: Uhls [82 Paladin] Trollbane EU: Acro [81 Death Knight] Blade's Edge EU: Cronenweth [83 Druid]

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    Very well put sir.

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    I think this game needs to go back to exclusive elitism, like in Vanilla. Let the people who bother to learn the game properly be rewarded. : /

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    one more thing i forgot to mention:

    when you ding 81, your hit and crit and haste will all drop a LOT. the difference in stat ratings from 80 to 85 are absurd, whereas with the previous expansion it wasnt quite as much of a drop in stats. so when you are 83 and pulling less dps than you did in ICC pre-buff, and everyone else is too, dont fret. until you get into higher items at 85 you will have to play a bit differently for some classes. warriors rage works very differently now, haste affects things differently. while those changes are on live, while leveling they will effect your gameplay quite a bit. my suggestion? learn what stats you need early on, and reforge like a madman. with mastery in game, spell power gone (mostly), spirit being almost completely useless for anything but healers, your stat allocations are going to need to be tailored to new kinds of builds. "cookie-cutter" builds already were less important in beta than in wrath, with a choice of gameplay on mastery or haste, tanking with more parry or mastery. how you play now will change.

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