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    Ret Paladins and Heroic {5 man} gear

    I have a bit of an issue with my gear... I've been playing prot/holy for a while, and decided to work on a ret set since my guild is set on healers. The issue I'm up against is... TOO MUCH EXPERTISE. I'm actually over BOTH expertise caps. I'm sitting at 56 Expertise. Even with reforging I can't see getting down to 26. Every fricken piece I find has MORE expertise on it. What's with all the expertise, and how do you avoid it?!

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    Reforge the hell out of it, take your glyph of seal of truth out. And just pray you get some non-expertise peices.
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    Yeah, reforge all of it off to mastery, (assuming you're already hit capped or if the piece has mastery, crit), and so long you remain under the cap, you can remove the glyph and call it a day.

    It sucks, but what can you do, better than Armor Penn.
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    as the other posts says, just reforge all your expertise to mastery until you hit the 27 expertise, I wouldn't suggest removing your seal of truth glyph, as it gives the most DPS, it's worth using, as long as your using 4 or more of the 10 expertise it's giving

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    armoury link would provide us with info as to how you managed this much and we could probably point you towards other heroic gear with out expertise.

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